Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Paris Holiday Windows

Early spring seems like the perfect time to post the Paris scene at Christmastime! I'm certainly missing the city myself so for me, it's a memory lane stroll, vicariously (re)visiting through photos.

And the window designs are so un-Christmas-like, no one need feel like they're consuming a bit of the 'hair of the dog' after the Holiday Hangover.

The day we arrived in Paris, explosives had been found in the Printemps department store, luckily without incident.

Looking a bit like a futuristic dinner party, these window interiors appear to echo their respective building's exterior decoration.




Galleries Lafayette's window displays could easily be summed up in a word...


Always delightfully playful for children and adults alike

the designers of these windows

tend to leave you guessing.

The day we took these photos was fuh-reezing but that didn't stop the crowds. We walked with a friend who brought his sweet Irish Setter. Trying to get decent pictures of these window displays is tricky enough with the hoards of people, their relatives and their kids and grandkids but try doing it in freezing temperatures with a dog underfoot.

Worth it though! By the way, these are only some of the windows for adults. This doesn't include the many displays for children which are just as fanciful but even more playful!

Photographs copyright: Kirsten Steen


  1. Your photos are beautiful! Keep posting.

  2. Thanks Ingrid, for stopping by and commenting. Also enjoyed your artwork! Come again!

  3. It seems that no one has windows like Parisian shops. I long to see them for myself some day. Lucky you.

  4. They are definitely worth the cold and the crowds. I hope you will someday too. Thanks for visiting!


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