Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Travelin' Tuesday~ Venice

Photograph copyright: Kirsten Steen

While I occasionally skip a 'Missing Paris Monday' and in honor of the research I've been doing on Venice for a writing project, I'm adding a 'Travelin' Tuesday'!

I know it sounds like I have many but Venice is truly one of my favorite cities (right next to Paris and San Francisco). While I thoroughly enjoy Rome and love Florence, I absolutely ADORE Venice! Friends who visited recently called it a "Disneyland for adults" but I find the uniqueness of Venice exotically romantic. The gondoliers really will sing for you, there is no traffic noise and the Sambuca, well, watch out for the Sambuca. It's a tad on the dangerous side.

I've recently finished John Berendt's "City of Falling Angels" and Sarah Dunant's "In the Company of the Courtesan" and both have fired up those smoldering embers and made me want to return once again. I suppose part of the reason for setting a story location in Venice is so I can wander the narrow streets and waterways even if only in my head.

My love affair with Venice goes on and will continue until it is completely submerged by the very waters that make it famous and yet threaten to bury it. Let's hope those tourist qualities that bother some will be what actually saves it in the end!


  1. Well you know you have me perfectly hooked- don't you!!

    You know how much I love Venice! I will be glued to your Tuesday posts for sure:) Why, if we combined posts you and I, we could practically transport ourselves there! I know exactly what you mean after reading Sarah Dunant's book- I just finished it myself and would give anything to get lost through the calles and stop for a little espresso smeared with Sambuca!!! Thanks Kirsten- you made my day:)

  2. Venice is a city I've never been to - I need to go! Beautiful photo. Have a terrific week - love your soundtrack!

  3. Ok Ms. Lucy~ Let's Go!!(you got me with the espresso and Sambuca comment!;~) I'll be sure to do a few more Venice photos just for you (and me)! I've got to read a few more of Dunant's books. Love her writing!

    annechovie~ Thanks and get yourself over there! A perfectly lovely week to you also!

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  5. Oh my. venice is one of my favorites, too, and this image make me miss it even more! A place that never leaves you.

  6. I am right there with you! I have had the pleasure of spending time there 5 or 6 times, enjoying and discovering more nooks and crannies with each visit.It was my dream to move there, and to live...then I started thinking about the realities of life in Venice...shopping at the wonderful markets, and then somehow transporting it home down cobblestone streets, crowding onto the vaporetto, and making it up umpteen flights of steps to your home....unless you are lucky enough to have your own water taxi deliver you to the water side door of your abode....that's when I decided it is an amazing city to VISIT and fantasize about!
    A truly magical city...have you ever read the biography of Casanova? An interesting read for the lover of Venezia!
    I will be back! Grazie for transporting me, momentarily...

  7. KINHA~ Lucky you to have been there so recently! Thanks for coming by. I'll be checking out your blog.

    ticklish~ Well said: 'A place that never leaves you.' I'd have to agree with that!

    Nathalie~ John Berendt's book talks about how difficult Venice is for elderly people to live in and how dependent they must become on their neighbors. You might have made the right decision (for your later years anyway!). I have not read the biography of Casanova but thanks for reminding me! That has also come up in my reading.

  8. I could not agree with you more - Venice is a favourite of mine too, there is no other city quite like it in the world, xv.

  9. Vicki~ Maybe all these Venice-lovin' bloggers should meet up (literally) there one of these years for a Girls Lonnnng Weekend in the city voted, "No Other Place Like It In The World"!

  10. Venice has been in the number one or two spot for my Travel List for years. Your images make me swoon. I must, must travel there. Must.

    Oh, if you were wondering, sometimes Greece edges it out.

  11. Relyn!~ I can't wait to see your photos of Venice with your imaginative and artistic eye!


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