Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday is 'Missing Paris Day'~Ile St. Louis

(Photograph copyright: Kirsten Steen)
One of my favorite old, timbered buildings on the Ile St. Louis, these sit just around the corner from Shakespeare & Co. and Notre Dame. One day I'll have to partake of les frites et biere at La Friterie and actually sit outside at one of les tables.
Happy Autumnal Equinox to all!


  1. Those two crooked houses look like something out of a cartoon. And very french one, too! Great photo, Ile St Louis is one of my favourite places in Paris.

  2. Just beautiful, Kirsten. Every day is "missing Paris" day for me!

  3. Polly~ I agree. Ile St. Louis is a favorite. I try to spend as much time down there as I can when in Paris. Thanks for coming by!

    annechovie~ I'm with you! Happy Fall!

  4. What a lovely corner of Paris. So colourful. Carla x

  5. As always, you make me miss a place I've never been. Someday. Please, God. Someday.

  6. oooh,
    i used to go to school just round the corner from shakespeare & co.
    i'd love to partake in some frites et biere with you


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