Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today is 11/11/11!

I always assumed it was just me~ that ominous feeling I had anytime I saw 11:11 on the digital clock but apparently it is a phenomenon that many have attached meaning to. I always felt like it was the time I would die. (Some things became eerily clear the day I saw my birth certificate and realized that my time of birth was 11:10am. So 11:11 was actually my very first moment on earth.)

This month, in numerology, the entire month adds up to 11/11: November being the 11th month and 2009 adding up to 11. And 11 is considered a Master Number- the others here being 22 and 33- which mean even greater intensity.

According to Christine DeLorey (Creative Numerology), for the first time in our lifetimes, we are now, today, experiencing the energy of 11/11/11 and as rare as this is, it will occur twice this month, again on November 29th.
Let's look at some of the numbers associated with today's rare energy pattern:

1~ is the symbol of Light, associated with the sun. It is Life Force itself. Beginnings of all things and energy that changes form. A high degree of mental vision. Intuition. Illumination~ truth coming to light.

2~(1+1=2)- is unity and correlation. Reproduction. Cohesive thinking. It is adaptability, common sense, a pacifying influence. It is peace.

3~ (11 x 3=33)- is activity and action. Catalyst. Communication. Expression and optimism.

Now when the numbers are doubled, the energy changes, both in intensity and potential. They become Master Numbers.

11 is about illumination, vision and inspiration. Intuitive knowledge and mastery. Or as DeLorey points out, "elev-ated intuition".

22 combines the power of 1's vision and inspiration with structure and cohesiveness. It is the power of manifestation.

33 is about using the imagination to combine 11 and 22 with enlightened communication.

6 is about our personal home base. Priorities, family, healing. Responsibility.

With all of this knowledge, there are a myriad of ways to spend the day. Me? I believe at exactly 11:11 on 11/11/11, I will be in a state of meditation, focusing on...World Peace. No wait! That was from my Ms. Enlightened Universe speech.

I will be having a phenomenal meditation partay for 1!

(Actually, World Peace will be on my list! And in regards to 2012, there are also any number of ways to read today's energy with all of the above information. But as DeLorey states: "...this is not a time for speculation concerning the future as if it is something set in stone. On the contrary, it is what we do or don't do between now and 2012 that is all important." )

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  1. I love this beautiful post..Thank you so much:) For me too, this day is about meditation on world peace and also for giving thanks to those who gave their lives and for those who continue to do so on our behalf.

  2. Morning Ms. Lucy~ Thanks for your comment. And I agree. In fact, while you were writing your comment, I was adding a statement at the bottom of this post that I will indeed be focusing on world peace! Making it funny seemed suddenly too flip when it is so desparately what we need and what our focus should be in the coming years!


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