Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gifts That Give Back!

Give a Gift for a Cause!

The Huffington Post is calling attention to their
Created by the HuffPost Impact Team and Causecast,
you can give a gift to those in need
in the name of a loved one.

Gifts Under $25:
$10: Give a mosquito net to help protect from Malaria.
$14: School supplies for a former child slave in Ghana.
$20: Give clean water to one individual.
And more!

Gifts $25-$50:
$25: Stuffed toy for a hospitalized child.
$25: USO Care Package for a U.S. Soldier.
$30: Solar Cooker for a Refugee woman from Darfur.
$30: Soccer ball for an impoverished child.
$35: Scholarship for Ugandan University Student.
$40: Pre-paid phone card for an American Soldier abroad.
$50: Provide US schools with up-to-date software!
And more!

Gifts over $50:
$65: Educate a girl for one year.
$75: Send a child to school in Africa.
$87: A Bicycle for a refugee.
$94: Specialized education for a former child slave in India.
$100: Clean water for a family.
$100: Stock a library in the US.
$128: Seeds, tools and fertilizer for a school in Afghanistan.

If you need any further reason to give for a cause,
all gift donations are tax deductible!

Give Aunt Gertie a card with the unforgettable message
that, in her name, $20 went to give a child clean water.
Or $100 for an entire family!
Go to the link above to Give for Christmas!

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  1. Kirsten! How are you? has been a long time. LIfe is busy for us all, but I guess that is a good thing in this economy! I do hope you are well, happy and fulfilling your dreams. Thank you for visiting me last night for a little frivolousness in my imagination! Thank you for the information on giving. These are certainly great ways to give and do service learning. I will take the information so that I can apply it also in my classroom. My colleague has her kids raise money to send nets to Africa as well. It is a great project. Have a great Christmas and relax, enjoy and create great memories! Bisous, Anita

  2. These are awesome options - thanks, Kirsten and a very Merry Christmas to you!

  3. What great ideas! Thank you for sharing...I do hope that you have a wonderful Christmas,

  4. Anita~ Thanks for all the wonderful wishes! Wishing you a fantastic Holiday Season as well!

    Anne~ Thinking of you and your family this Holiday!

    Nathalie~ Thanks and the very same to you. Happy New Year too!!

  5. Hope the season brings you everything you wish Ms K
    and a wonderful New Year to you and yours. Waving to you from the Oia ;-)

  6. Wishing you a beautiful holiday, Kirsten!


  7. That picture is astounding, stupendous, simply wonderful and marvelous, too. OK, OK, I mean it! I LOVE that happy picture!

  8. I forgot to say, I love your ideas, too.

  9. Michael~ And the very same to you! Wishing you a joyous season!

    Catherine~ Miss your posts! Hope things are going well for you!

    Relyn~ Happy Christmas and New Year! Can't wait to catch up with all my fellow bloggers in the new year!


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