Sunday, January 24, 2010

Walks in Paris~ Grenelle Sunday Market

Today you get to walk with me through the Grenelle Sunday Market!

(All photographs copyright: Kirsten Steen)

My morning started with the market and my camera while The Chef
did the shopping!

My favorite spots tend to be the honey and spices.
Always such an array of beauty and promise.

Last week we bought a large batch of
mushrooms and a to-die-for wedge of fresh butter
and sauteed them to go with our meal.

Couldn't resist a shot of this little goat next to the chevre.
A lovely little French family patiently (and with a smile)
let me slide in for the shot.

Some things I simply have to photograph
just for their color!

And these rose-shaped filets reminded me of the many fleurs of the market.

One of the things I love (though oysters are not my thing-as witnessed in the last post)
is how the oyster stalls try to make you feel as if you are on the coast
attesting to the freshness of their shelled product.

Some of the stalls, besides just these large posters,

have recordings of seagulls and waves

so you can practically feel the salt on the wind!

Shrimp is much more to my flavor preference.

And of course there are always the many varieties of
luscious fruit tarts.

Last week we made it to the Robert Doisneau exhibit
at the Foundation de Henri Cartier-Bresson.
And while it wasn't the best exhibit of his work that I've seen overall,
I still found a couple of photographs
that were some of the best I think I've come across.
His eye for detail and juxtaposing images
(even if he admitted to posing his subjects, as someone recently told me)
is stunning.

And at the very end of the market near La Motte Picquet
were several books I would have loved to take home.

Sunday in Paris is never complete without a walk through Le Marais
and the Historic Jewish Quarter
which will be photos for another post!
Until then, a bientot!

(All Photographs copyright: Kirsten Steen.
No copies may be made without permission from the artist.)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh La La! Book Challenge & Walks in Paris

Ok, Premiere things first!
Ms. Lucy over at Enchanted by Josephine
is starting her own book challenge!
runs from January 2010 to December 2010.
I'm getting in on this one!
Will let you know my first challenge choice when I decide what it will be!

And here in Paris, Epiphany is over (January 6th in France)
but the Galettes des Rois just keep on selling!

The Poilane boulangerie just down the street from us
has it's usual lovely display of goodies.
Oh la la, les Brioches!

Those Galettes make me crazy with their almond filling and fluffy crust.
I had my first taste (this visit) last night at my niece's singing recital.
(She was pitch perfect, by the way!)
Speaking of Epiphanies, a friend told us the other day over lunch
that while having her very first raw oyster, she had one. Epiphany, that is.
She asked if I'd experienced that with oysters.

I love them cooked on the half shell in the BarB,
then smothered with garlic butter, horseradish and spicy creole herbs.
Says she: 'You mean so you don't taste them?'

At our house, The Ed is the designated chef. Don't get me wrong, I can hold my own.
I just don't excel. And I don't tend to love it. He loves it!
The other day after shopping at our Grenelle outdoor marche,
I came into our tiny kitchen to find that
the chef had done his best to be creative with the space issue.

I must say, Paris makes me want to learn.
And learn to Love it!
One thing about the French,
the packaging is nearly as important as the dish.
And it's the same with gifts.
I learned that many years ago when we began our sojourns to France.
Always when one is invited to another's house, whether it be for dinner or for the weekend,
a gift is in order. And the gift must be
beautifully wrapped!

From the looks of these creatively packaged meats,

I'm thinking I could very well be a
fabulous cook here!
I'll let you know!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Walks in Paris

Finally back in Paris, we took our first walk today in the area across the Champ de Mars park from our 15th arrondissement neighborhood.

We walked a couple of our favorites: Rue St. Dominique
and Rue de Grenelle,

eyeing luscious cheeses...

and quaint boulangeries...

Adding a little haute couture,
And landscape art.

We took in a few small, religious gems...

and prayed to the Gods of Italian cooking.

Walking a street we've traversed a hundred times,
we spotted an old clock tower never before seen
and in trying to determine it's exact location from the street,
happened upon this lovely little courtyard.

Tomorrow brings more walks, food and family.
And all the joys of Paris.
Time to sleep!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Travelin' Tuesday~ The Known Universe

This puts things into perspective in a matter of a few short moments!

Today we are traveling from the Himalayas to outer space; past stars, planets, galaxies courtesy of The American Museum of Natural History. The full show is playing at the museum's Hayden Planetarium and for those wishing more info, don't miss the next short video starring the scientists behind the show. Their desire behind this creation exactly matches my desire "to have a deeper understanding" of what I'm seeing when looking up at the night sky.

And here are the scientists and the director to share some of their thoughts on

'Journey to the Stars'.

Hope you enjoyed! Doesn't it make you want to learn more?!