Saturday, April 3, 2010

Book Giveaway Winner!

Ok, Easter Weekend, curled up in bed,
watching the little birdies sprint
back and forth to the suet feeder.
All the names have been put
into a hat
and the winner of...
The Best Travel Writing 2009...
is Ms. Lucy!!!
Congratulations Ms. Lucy!!

I have to admit that I took a quick peek into the book
while awaiting the big day
and feel I must share
just a few quotes.

From Matthew Gavin Frank's excerpt
"Raw Meat, Barry White and the Brothers"
from his food and wine memoir "Barolo",
these quotes made me
put the book down
and stare out the window
in awed laughter.

"I straighten without thought, my hands grip the table,
and I turn to see the source of heat
as a pea-sized glow of perforated orange light,
winking in a desperate tango.
It is the cherry of Ercole's cigarette,
dangling ashen from his lips.
His hands are on his hips, hands far too large for his arms,
flaring from his wrists
like the persimmons from their branches.
He is barrel-chested and young---early thirties, maybe---
and he has the face of that one small-town boy who has never left home,
but somehow knows everything about the world.
He is plainly intense, eyes squinted,
nose perplexed from countless childhood fights;
he lifts his giant hands to the capped blades of Loredana's shoulders,
mysteriously materializing directly in front of him.
I am both comfortable and uneasy,
as if sleeping in my own bed,
but with a brand new blanket."

"I run my eyes from her hand to her face
and am arrested by her worn beauty...
She has the face of an old house--
the only one in the neighborhood
that survived that fire all those years ago."

"Guiseppe offers his glass to the ceiling shadows.
I hold mine to my nose and:
hay, sawdust, slaughter;
then: truffle, blackberry, pine;
fruitcake baked in a coffin."

To check out his website, purchase his book
or read further excerpts
click here.

Congratulations again Ms. Lucy!
And Happy Easter to all!!


  1. A very Happy Easter to you, Kirsten! So nice to be back with you. Sorry to have missed the grande giveaway...this is my kind of read. But Congrats to the lovely Lucy.

    See you again soon,

  2. WOW, what a lucky winner! I love the author's description, " Her face was like an old house....." Now that is good writing!

    How are ya' dear?

    Have a lovely day! Anita

  3. Hi Catherine! Good to have you back! I'm sorry you missed it too. I kept hoping you might get in there before I pulled the winning name yesterday but...alas. The good news is I'll be doing another one probably this summer. I'll be sure to alert you! Happy Easter to you too!

    Hi Anita~ Thanks for coming by. And I love the rest of that line..."the only one in the neighborhood that survived that fire...". Happy Easter to you!

  4. I AM SOO LUCKY!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I've had such a fabulous Easter weekend and just when I though it couldn't get any better..!!

  5. Congrats, Lucy! I'm so happy to send this to you! Just email me your mailing info and I will get it off into the mail for you!
    Happy Spring!!

  6. Lucky Ms. Lucy. I got the book from the library, just in case. It is wonderful.


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