Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paris Summer 'Soldes'~ Travelin' Tuesdays

Today marks the last two weeks of the Paris Summer Sales...

Remember they only happen twice a year~

Once in summer and again in winter.

This summer's sales began June 30th

and will end August 3rd, 2010.

So hop on your bicyclette...

...and remember to indulge in fromage...

and gateau avec dejeuner...

...only after you've done your shopping!

My guess is I only need to tell you this

if you are...shall we say?..

un homme!

(Think they have 'soldes' on chocolate?)

(All photos copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Oh mon Dieu.....this is paradise on earth. Really. How do the French do it? How did the become so cool? I am so glad I know how to speak French and that I have a connection....I only wish I could be there for their SOLDES! 50% en réduction? QUEL BON MARCHÉ!

    Enjoy your week dear Kirsten! Anita

  2. If they have soldes on chocolate I'm heading over there next time the soldes happen. Talk about a 'sweet' trip!
    Hope you're having a nice summer, Kirsten.

  3. Those brown chairs are so fantastic. So iconic. I sure would love to have them in my breakfast area. Wouldn't you?


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