Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Art Wolfe's Travels to the Edge~Travelin' Tuesday

If any of you have watched Art Wolfe's 'Travels to the Edge' program on PBS, you know what a phenomenal photographer he is. Recently watching one of his shows (in Iceland) left my mouth falling open in waves of awe. It wasn't just the ice formations but the way he knows how to find the perfect hues and plays of light, the perfect angle and framing. It's almost as if the universe opens itself up to him, dressing up in its most majestic costume and giving a one-man audience.

I wish I could post some of his photographs here to wow you but don't have permission to do that so will leave you with his website address here and some of his prints here.

Those of you who are local (in Oregon) should know that Art will be speaking at the Portland Art Museum in the Kridel Ballroom on Saturday October 2nd at 2pm. Tickets are $45 each. Click here to purchase tickets.

I wonder if he teaches classes?


  1. What an artist...I must dash over to see his work! Have a splendid day, Kirsten! Anita

  2. I'll have to check him out! In response to your question...DF was a regular when I worked in Malibu, would see him every day ...a work friend and neighbor was his "butler" at the time of his demise, and wrote a book. Somehow I haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I always wanted to ask him so many questions, but felt respectful for his privacy. It was such a sad and tragic time. After reading your post, I listened to the CD that was made, it was so beautiful...
    And that is how I knew him :)

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