Friday, August 6, 2010

Change the Script~Buddhist Thought for the Day

"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world. " ~Buddhist quote.

We tend to want to blame our world for what we find wrong with it.
Easy to do, this.

Harder is to remember that our world is what we make it
with every thought, every word, and every belief.

If you want it better, think it better,
see it better, believe it so.

Like writing a book or a script,
change what doesn't work.
Change the words, the thoughts, the scenery.
Change your attitude, your feeling, your belief.

And that old 'silver lining' cliche?
There's a reason it gets used over and over.
There is ALWAYS something
to be grateful for, in every situation.
We only have to search for it
but without fail, it's there.

So, if you find you've been complaining a lot lately,
go do that rewrite!


  1. Good morning Kirsten!!!

    Thank you for coming to spend some time at the Castle.....and leaving a message. Oh, what a fun summer I have been having! But Paris was missing from the picture this year! This Buddist saying is so right on target....we create all the mess, but we can clean it up as well.....what a wonderful world we live in, but it could be so much better. I wish we could just start all over again....everyone on the planet, and just do kind deeds for one day to SEE and FEEL the difference, and then proceed to practice kindness and truth every step of the way forward...what dreams may come....


  2. Hi Kirsten,

    I've always found this to be the first step to making just about anything right. This simple thought has so much power. I live by this. It's challenging - but it works for a more peaceful life.

    Have a cool (I hope) weekend,

  3. I have found that a habit of gratitude has made my life richer and fuller and just plain better than any other habit in my life.


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