Monday, November 1, 2010

Double Decker Fun~Missing Paris Day

Did you try the Double Decker Bus when in Paris?

We found it fun and informative~
A treat when you have out-of-town guests who are new to Paris,
a driver with a little joie de vivre
and a few good jokes.

Pick your seat in the sun, don your headphones
and allow someone else to entertain your guests with Paris' good side,
pointing out all your favorite side-stories along the way.

I like being able to hop off and stop into a cathedral for a taste of ancient dust
or a cafe to breathe in and savor a favorite sud ouest recipe
and sample a glass of something rather ruby-esque,
then jump back on and continue onto the tour's next destination.
The metro is fun (when you don't live in Paris)
but everyday life in between the major sites
is every bit as stimulating.
Don't miss it!

(I'll be on the lookout for this party hat to wear on my next birthday!)


  1. Hi Kirsten,
    What a great shot! No, I never did do the doubledeckers, just walked till I dropped and the good ol'Metro! Hey we have a hairdo in common....I am an Aries too! Funny cones aren't they, he he. Thanks for all the nice comments ~ Things have been crazy lately, I haven't had much time on the computer, I miss my blogging friends!
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Hey, you. I'm sorry to rush, but I have sub plans to write and it's already almost 8 pm. Anyway, I had to pop by and tell you about the movie Iron Jawed Angels. You have GOT to see it.

  3. Dearest Kirsten! WOOOOO HOOOOOO! Let's get on that bus and tear up the city! That is what my husband and I do; we go somewhere and HERE WE COME....thank you for your visit! ANd yes, I will keep an update on this project, as soon as I get more pictures and they make more progress towards the framing! It is possible that by Christmas, we will have a new HOME!!!!! LOTS OF LOVE, Anita

  4. I never tried the DD bus, but I did love the cruises down the Seine. Have a wonderful wknd., Kirsten. xx


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