Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chocolate Easter-Walks in Paris

 Am in Paris this month
and got here just in time to enjoy (at least through glass)
 the many wonderful shop windows 
gleefully celebrating the joys of Easter and chocolate.

 So thought I'd share.

I spent Easter weekend with family 
making a quick road trip to the beautiful Brittany coast
who was (unusually) having the best weather anywhere in France.
I fell in love with the Medieval town of Fougere,
which will have to be another post.

These eggs and goodies were inside my favorite bakery in Paris (for the decor):
La Fontaine de Mars boulangerie right across from the square of the same name. 
The interior is magnificent with the ceiling and moulding
still resplendent from days long past.
(photos can be seen here)

Spring is in full swing here in Paris
and I loved this giant chocolate egg
covered with butterflies and daisies for the season.

Happy Belated Easter and spring to all from Paris!

(photos copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. BONJOUR MA BELLE! Only in Paris...Only there will you find luscious window displays and that town, Fourg.....I LOVE THAT PLACE! But of course, I LOVE FRANCE! Happy day, Anita

  2. All dressed up for the holiday. If I ever get back to France, it will be to the Brittany coast or the Cote d'Azur. Can't wait to see the north coast pics.

  3. Oh, how wonderful that you are in France, enjoy enjoy, enjoy...and eat some chocolate and baguettes for me! Can't wait to see your photos upon your return..

  4. Kirsten dear! Oh thank you for your visit!!!! Sheesh, that egg is enormous and FABULOUS!!!! Have a wonderful END OF THE WEEK! Anita


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