Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dreaming of Poilane~ Travelin' Tuesday

Since we missed 'Missing Paris Day' yesterday,
we'll just travel to Paris today. 
Some of you who know me,
or have been coming here very long,
know that I love Poilane's window displays.

Just down the block from us,
they create charming Paris window scenes made out of bread crust.
Besides the little animals here, 
(in case you're having trouble making them out,
that's a chipmunk on the ground and a cat scoping out a bird on the bench, looking ready to pounce),
don't you love the precious snowflake cookies falling from the sky?! 
Poilane is famous for these little cookies.

At the moment, I sit writing at a local spot,
pleasantly perched next to the fire,
having visited with a friend who just returned from Santa Fe.
I do so love hearing other people's travel tales.
Speaking of which, maybe it's time for this spring's book giveaway!
I'll keep you posted when I know more.
A bientot! 


  1. BONJOUR KIRSTEN! You know, I am not aware of this landmark! I need to Google it to find more about it; obviously, it is a great place, since you admire it so! The photo speaks volumes of the creativity found there.....j'y vais!!!! Anita

  2. Goodness. What a gorgeous window.


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