Tuesday, April 5, 2011

San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers~ Travelin' Tuesday

Enough with rain and grayness. 
Let's travel to a place literally growing, teasing out, burgeoning with color. 
One of the things I love about San Francisco
is Golden Gate Park's ethereal Conservatory of Flowers... 

with its white wedding cake frosting...
we enter as 
'spiritual window shoppers'...

to balmy rooms filled with jewels of such sweetness
they help us grow sweet again...

...eager faces lifting toward the light,

jewels of such tenderness
they are crushed by the slightest touch...

epiphanies close to the edge...

love stories naked
 healing wounds...

essences overflow
in a fragrant rush of fresh mounds and raw dirt...

sacredness radiating in beaded mist...

minerals spin in plants
just as souls move in changing light...

 chance meetings
the clearest signs of grace...

power and magic
frequent occurrences...

Ahh, the wisdom of spring. 

Rain, shine or misty fog,
Golden Gate Park's temperate botanical garden
is a treasure trove of rare and exotic, tropical plants. 

At the Conservatory:
April 7-Oct.30, 2011
Don't miss
'Wicked Plants: Botanical Rogues and Assassins'.
The Special Exhibits Gallery at the Conservatory
"introduces visitors to living examples of dozens of infamous plants that have left their mark on history
and claimed many an unfortunate victim."
For more information, click here.

(Photographs copyright: Kirsten Steen
Words inspired by The Soul of Rumi)


  1. Oh thank you so much for taking me to a favourite spot! I have so many memeories in this park, and can only imagine how beautiful it is right now!

  2. GOOD EVENING DEAREST! I love where you take me...it is always to places that are special to my heart!!! THANKS FOR VISITING TODAY!!!! Anita

  3. OH! I've been there. It's one of my favorite spots. I loved, loved, loved it!! Took a million pictures. Now that I have a big girl camera, I'm dying to go back.

  4. All I want to do right now is wander around beautiful gardens so this was a very welcome post! Things are blooming wildly here... and I'm sneezing up a storm.

    By the way, Kirsten -
    Your name was picked out of a hat as one of two winners in my giveaway for one of my tricornes. I don't see an e-mail address for you (I don't have mine on my blog either)so could you leave your e-mail in my comment box and I won't post it.
    I'll e-mail you about your color preference and an address.

    Congratulations and Happy Weekend,

  5. How gorgeous, Kirsten! You take the best photos. Have a great weekend. xx

  6. Hi mrs k.. Thanks for the wonderful trip..great colours and architecture. Thanks. Carla x


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