Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer Solstice!

Happy first day of summer all! 
Thought you might enjoy this photo taken recently at our 
Saint Charles Market just a few minutes walk down from the Eiffel Tower.

It definitely makes me think of summer.

The Solstice begins today at exactly 10:16am in the Pacific Northwest.
And I've been reading about how the cultural theme of this year's solstice chart is about
enormous shifts and changes around the globe between 2010 and 2015.
We feel it, we've seen it and hardly anyone is left untouched by it,
whether it's within our own family, on the news
or in your neighboring town.
Change is usually uncomfortable
but with it always comes opportunity!

So while I'm wishing us all a relaxing, enjoyable summer filled with warmth, love, bounty
and the many traditional things we enjoy about the summer months,
let's find a way to help those around us (or even those far away)
who are not enjoying the same creature comforts of summer.

Do some tithing, take food to a shelter, offer someone a helping hand.
It could be you next month (or next year) who needs a hand.
And the immediate gratification (something we all enjoy) is worth those few dollars
and the healing within our own hearts.

What better opportunity?!


  1. Here I am in windy, cold and rainy Minnesota on this first day of Summer, but I can't complain, life is BEAUTIFUL! Anita


    Oh, now that I am home from school, I am enjoying having quiet days to just read about poetry and try to write. But funny thing is that now that I have quiet, I can't think of anything!!! Ain't that rich?
    I am just wanting to bask in the quiet of a restful summer...hopefully I can produce something that will touch someone, for my intention is to simply communicate with words.


  3. CRIPES!! Did you really take this?? Tell me you are making money from your photography? Not really, it's none of my business. I just mean that you can. I could see so many of your shots on gorgeous, richly colored greeting cards. YES!

  4. Hey Kirsten I've missed you!! I love this post and you're right we should all do our share of do-good:)

    (psst..I might have to email you for some info on Paris...for a possible visit!! We'll see and keeping my fingers crossed:)

  5. Great advice and wonderful photo, Kirsten. Enjoy your weekend. xo

  6. Oh so true! Share the bounty.
    Hope your summer is off to a good start, Kirsten. I've been lounging about doing nothing...oui, moi, rien! It's unbearably hot here, as usual in summer. Even the air conditioner has a hard time with my high ceilings. I actually bring in fans as a back-up! Stay cool.

    My word verification is 'pummings'. I like that. What should it mean?

  7. What a fabulous picture Kirsten, I LOVE it! And your wonderful advice too :)
    Have a great week ahead,


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