Monday, June 6, 2011

Paris in Full Bloom~ Missing Paris Day

 Paris was in full spring this visit,
flowers blooming like ripe cherries everywhere. 

Hard to resist the urge to pluck a few colorful, velvet blossoms
to smile and shine on the dining room table. 

In fact, as I took this photo,
 a small someone who 
simply couldn't resist
wandered into the frame.

I took a few 'photo walks' on my own this trip.
'The Chef' tries to be patient, having to stop and wait for me on every street corner,
but I can see it sometimes wearing thin. 
However, when we pass any Immobilier window,
it is I waiting on the corner while he scopes out Paris Real Estate deals
just to see what's out there and the current price per square meter. 

My camera and I have learned to make the most of these moments,
looking for anything photo-worthy from the corner. 
Hardly difficult in Paris.
Just look for the luscious colors in just about any patisserie.
I've found snapping they pretty little faces
is nearly as much fun as tasting,
but without the guilt.
And can be enjoyed 
over and over again.  

The Acacia trees (in full purple or white bloom)
can even be enjoyed more than once. 

It's been far too long since we've been in Paris in the summer
(winter being our travel season of late)
and while it was officially spring this visit,
our first week felt just like early July.

The parks were filled with the laughing, young, international set
picnicking and frolicking in the grass. 
I might have been right out there with them
but I was too busy~
capturing their likeness.

My apologies for being away from the blog so long this week.
Technology issues have plagued.
But happy to be back.
A wonderful week to you!

(Photos copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Kirsten, your pics are beautiful; reminds me of our trip in March. I would have loved to see Paris in bloom.

  2. BONJOUR KIRSTEN!!!! always bring back Paris for those of us who know here and truly miss her! The Paris party was a blast and I meet new friends from it...thank you for coming to visit and how are you? I am a teacher so that means that this is my last week and then there is SUMMER VACATION. I am spending it here at home, but I am so looking forward to reading and writing and moving into another phase: WRITING MORE. Let's see where that takes me!

    Have a great week, Anita

  3. Gorgeous as always, Kirsten. Thanks for brightening my day with your beautiful photos. xo

  4. Absolutely stunning photos, thank you so much for taking me to gay Paree...did I ever mention to you that my husband proposed to me up at the top? Encroyable :), a memory to be treasured. It looks like the weather Gods were blessing you!

  5. You always take pictures from the most interesting perspectives and angles.


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