Monday, June 13, 2011

Paris in Jaune~ Missing Paris Day

Jaune was everywhere in Paris this spring! 
Look at this luscious beauty.

A friend recently showed us his fancy old car and I was so excited, 
eyes lit up, I jumped in the front seat asking all kinds of questions, begging for a ride.
Friend turned to The Chef and said,
"I had no idea you had a Car Chick!"
I have to admit it. I've been known to peruse old car shows soaking up the past,
ogling shiny paint jobs and decadent or old, rustic interiors.
Sadly, I'm not the same when it comes to fashion.   

When I got off the plane this last time in Paris,
I was all dressed in black. 
My sister took one look at me and said,
"What? Are you going through your Goth phase?"
So I asked, "Ok, what is the latest in Paris since last I was here?"
She looked at my attire again and said,


And guess what else? 
Sandals resembling the exact make and model
of a pair left back in my Pacific Northwest closet.  
And with the weather being so tres magnifique,
EVERYBODY was wearing them! 
Zuts encore!

Oh well, here are a few lovely Paris yellows
to brighten your day. 

This last one, taken in the French countryside, was snapped on a breathtaking walk! 
In some directions, almost as far as the eye could see,
 fields of Rapeseed (what the French call Colza and make into oil) were so bright 
you nearly had to shield your eyes. 

French relatives most often toss their green salads with a colza oil vinaigrette
and somehow they always taste better to us than ours. 
Europeans are even cultivating it for biodiesel fuels. 

One of these days, I'm going to cultivate it myself
(ie: sneak it home)
and serve it on my guest's salad
so I can hear them ask the same question:
"Excusez-moi, but how exactly did you make this amazing vinaigrette?!"

(Photographs copyright: Kirsten Steen)


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour ma chère Kirsten,

What a sweet repose for me to come here to hear your lovely music and see the city that I love so. I am not a YELLOW person, but these bright and organic hues are a wonder to behold, especially that rapeseed field...and the scent of that lemon just fills my mind with wondrous thoughts of being in France and other parts of Europe. Thank you for your visit and let the SUMMER BEGIN! Anita

DolceDreams said...

Thank you for all of your sweet comments! How funny, you know I would show up in black too...I have a hard time in brights ( especially after surviving the 80's, he he!)However a little accent is nice! What a gorgeous car, fabulous...
So happy to hear that it is "ok" to leave boxes for a while...I am always in such a hurry to put things away :)
Have a wonderful day!

Relyn said...

I love this happy post. I have no wonderful French pictures to show you, but I do have a story. We were at our small group summer party and someone said our host had a few old cars. He had a gorgeously restored Model T. I fell in love with it right then and he took me for a ride. A long ride. It was wonderful. Everyone looked and waved as we went by. I felt like a princess.

Gina said...

want a french pic, look here

My ParisPics

greetings from Germany


annechovie said...

Kirsten, I love the car and all of the beautiful bright colors! xo