Monday, August 8, 2011

The Setting Seine~ Missing Paris Day

This shot in Paris was taken after a long afternoon of walking
as the sun shone dying ember rays on the ancient buildings along the Seine.
A perfect summer-like day in spring,
throngs of people in every neighborhood enjoying
the unusual shorts and t-shirt weather in late April.

It fits my nostalgic mood today as I've just returned 
(to my regularly scheduled programming, ie. Life)
 from my 30th High School Reunion and am working on a post about it. 
(Yes, I'm surely dating myself...
.....but please don't call me shirley. Sorry, couldn't help it even with all the nostalgia.)

My mind is joyously cluttered with 3 days-worth of new memories
of people with whom I shared most of my high school years.
And I promise to share soon.
For those of you contemplating an upcoming reunion, don't miss it. 
Like those high school years,  the memories of old and new connections 
cannot be recaptured or replaced. 
As the recently retired teacher who spoke at ours said,
it's all about connecting. 

Bon Lundi a vous! 


  1. Dearest Kirsten!!!

    YOU HAD A GREAT TIME? Oh I have been to my25 but missed my 35th!!! Yikes, has it been that long? And the teacher's message about "connections" rings so true for me right now. My husband and I joined a writer's group in our city and why didn't we do this before? The main facilitator has become a dear friend, and daily correspondence with her has been so rich. WE NEED EACH OTHER!!!

    So glad to see you back dearest, Anita

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! Hope your week is a good one. xo


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