Thursday, November 10, 2011

Full (Hunter's/Sanguine) Moon and 11/11/11

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The full moon of November is known as the Hunter's Moon (also called the Sanguine or Blood Moon) mainly because it gives plenty of evening light during hunting season. And the hunters of our family in France are already catching rabbits for our visit. The Little Unfortunates are typically served in a sauce of their own blood (not my favorite but it makes the hunters happy) and one must chew carefully in preparation for the inevitable buckshot. Actually my favorite rabbit in France was made by our butcher, just next door at the bottom of our stairs, simply baked lined with moutarde and jambon. It is endlessly interesting to return to a country that still handles much of its food straight from the farm or field. The open-air markets dangle animal parts for sale or offer live versions in cages. The fresher the better. After a huge lunch in the country, we walk in the forest for the express purposes of aiding digestion and spreading feed for the wild boar.

Tonight the moon illuminates the skies and the hunter's vision and tomorrow, the 11th day of the 11th month of 2011, the numbers 11/11/11 are all about illumination, transformation and enlightenment. Some see it as a time of peace. The fighting of World War I officially ended at 11:00 on November 11th in 1918 (the war itself ended the following June but the fighting ceased on this day). Some believe it's a time portal. Some see it as good luck and will spend 11/11/11 this year buying lottery tickets.  Gamblers will try their luck and others will tie the knot, hoping for an auspicious marriage beginning. A pair of twins will celebrate their 11th birthday with 11 candles in buttercream number 11. Those dedicated to peace and transformation will meditate on transmissions of light and inner awareness.

And for you, I'm wishing all of these good things: peace, illumination, auspiciousness and good hunting.
And if 11/11/11 is indeed a portal, happy travels!


  1. Oh dearest, I am so late but this is actually perfect timing for the moon is starting to reveal its sanguine mask tonight....what a lovely post and I REMEMBER EATING RABBIT IN FRANCE! I even made one in Boston...TWO! And we polished them off with delight.


  2. Very cool photo, Kirsten! Enjoy your wknd. xx


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