Monday, January 23, 2012

Window Shopping in Paris

Already it feels like ages since I was in Paris 
and I just got back. 
So I make myself feel better with some 
virtual window shopping.  

Thought you might enjoy as well. 

I look at the chocolate above 
and can't believe I didn't go right inside and buy one of everything. 

Was hoping to do lunch at La Duree this visit
but it turns out they had a fire and have been under reconstruction. 
I believe you can still buy their macarons
but I just took pictures of some instead. 

And I let loose and ate my fair share of cheese this time. 
Every meal. Every time. 
Looking forward to the next visit already. 

(Photos copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. WHAT A WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh dearest, this is fabulous. CHEESE at every meal? YES!!!!!!! I had the best meals there and I ate my share of BREADS! Good thing I walked a lot or else....I stayed a nice small size due to the hikes I would make daily!

    Good to have you back...Anita

  2. Bonjour Kirsten!!!!

    OH YES, BUSY BUSY BUSY lives, but thank GOODNESS we have jobs. Now to just carve out time to WRITE!!!

    Be well and ENJOY IT ALL MY FRIEND! Anita

  3. Everything about Paris appeals to me, Kirsten. I want to go back soon, too.
    Have a wonderful weekend!xo

  4. The fromage! We were just watching a re-run of Craig Ferguson's show in Paris, when he visits the cheese store...too funny! SO sad about your Barbie is little treasures like that that we keep that are filled with so many memories...sigh. But the memories never get damaged!
    Have a wonderful weekend Kirsten,


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