Monday, February 20, 2012

On Rue Mouffetard~Missing Paris Day

Just across from the 15th century church of St. Medard
at the bottom of rue de Mouffetard in Paris
sits a most lovely and unusual house. 

These photos are not perfect but they give you an idea.

I found it thanks to Michael Palin's 'Walk Like a Man' Hemingway tour 
of which I will share my photos in an upcoming blog. 

Though I've been searching for some information about the house,
my search continues. 

But thought you might enjoy seeing it anyway.

It's not been well kept up
but still worth a view.
And the street itself
continues its tradition of a morning market
through which Hemingway must have walked every day
(if he made it out early enough after a night of drinking). 

Should you find yourself in Paris,
don't miss the street
(and the tour).

More to come!

(Photos copyright: Kirsten Steen)



    I was home all day yesterday and waited for new posts to come up but it was a quiet day; you must have posted this when I turned my computer off for the night!!!!! THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME and this house is splendid! But leave it to France to have delicious eye candy that will always delight, whether it is kept up or not. THAT IS SO GORGEOUS! And your photos always make me realized how much I really missed when I was there for ONLY eight days. It never is enough time to see one of the greatest cities in the world.

    PEACE!!!!! Anita

  2. It is extraordinary!

    I had to laugh (though I know it's not funny) that you broke 2 cameras in Paris! Paris is so photogenic that it wears out cameras. True, true, true.
    Laissez les bonne temps roulez!

  3. Well, I broke my Nikon in Paris on my last day in November. Fortunately, I always travel with a point-and-shoot waterproof camera that takes decent shots.

    I love this building and saw it just a month ago on a Sunday morning while the regulars danced in Square Saint-Médard.

    Great photos!



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