Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oscars on my mind

Sooo very excited about this year's Oscar Night!
I watch them every year so that's nothing unusual
but this year a friend of ours is nominated and will be in the audience.

You'll see his name come up for Art Direction for the runaway silent film hit 'The Artist'. 
He's been living what I would call a kind of double life, 
part of the time raising chickens and domestic animals 
with his beautiful and delightful artist wife 
(whom I've dubbed 'A little Piece of Magic')
in a small rural town in Oregon.

The other half of his life is spent traveling the world 
creating and directing set production for famous Hollywood (and now French) directors
such as Paul Haggis, Peter Horton, Edward Zwick and Robert Redford
(the latter of whom I have twice now been one-degree of separation away from
and still have not been in the man's orbit.
Third time's a charm, Bob!)

This Sunday night we'll be having our own cozy Oscar party,
me and The Chef, a few fun nibbles, our new family addition (kitty photos soon to come),
scanning the screen and audience for A Little Piece of Magic
and He of the Double Life. 
So thrilled for you L.B!
And if I see my mail carrier in the audience, 
I'll know where our tickets went. 

(photo/poster from Google images)


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Have you seen Midnight in Paris? Probably...I love that are you sweet one? Anita

annechovie said...

My brother told me to see "The Artist" and now another rec from you! Thanks, Kirsten. Have a great weekend. xo

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I almost went to see 'The Artist' tonight but was afraid it would be packed. Good luck to L.B.! From the clips I've seen I think he's a shoe-in. (What is a shoe-in and did I spell it right? Ha.) 1970's I stayed up all night to make it to the UN to hear Robert Redford speak outdoors as the sun was coming up around 5AM. It was Earth Day or Green Day or something similar. I took photos too but they disappeared years ago. Ah, the memories. Enjoy the awards.

Relyn said...

I can hardly wait to see this one. I have it saved on my Netflix queue and it makes me happy to think of it.