Monday, August 6, 2012

An Evening Stroll~ Missing Paris Day

Just a little walk for us tonight along the Seine.
I ate at the Cafe Marly many years ago for lunch
and I'm thinking it's time to renew that experience. 
But I loved this shot of the arched ceiling and columns of the entry
so even if we're not breaking bread here together,
at least we can share the beauty of the exterior
and pretend we're on our way in for a little glass of bubbly.

Now a little walk across the Pont Neuf ('New Bridge').
According to the page on it, 
the design of the Pont Neuf marked the end of the Middle Ages 
and was the first bridge to be built without houses on it. 
But my favorite line about it is that it was seen as a meeting place 
for every kind of pleasure in Paris.
It was said that one could meet,
"a monk, a white horse and a streetwalker' here.
Most likely we have and just didn't recognize them. 

A look back across the Seine toward Notre Dame
(its spires shining in the background),
the Grande Dame of Paris.

At a little cafe on a corner near Notre Dame,
we can partake of a Parisian favorite:
 soup a l'oignion.
I'm told this dish is traditionally eaten at the end of a long night 
on New Year's Eve in France
but clearly can be enjoyed anytime. 

And we end tonight's walk reveling in the mysterious beauty of the shadows 
of l'Hotel de Ville, giving a somewhat ominous but thrilling sense.
It feels to me a little like a particularly good ghost story.
And we all know there are plenty of ghosts in Paris. 

Hope you enjoyed our little stroll.
So glad you could join me. 
Nothing like a night walk in Paris!

(Photos copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Bonjour ma belle! Oh Kirsten, your photos are so stunning!!!! That one in particular of the bridge...ooooh....the GHOSTS that occupy this city and its environs! Beautiful memories my sweet....I hope we BOTH go back SOON. I was there 10 years ago and that is too long.

    Thank you for your kind words on my comments page. This has been indeed a very busy summer, but so fruitful.The nice thing is that I do NOT have to return back to a full-time teaching job, just be a substitute French teacher.

    Be well, and enjoy a perfect, end-of-summer day, Anita

  2. Missing Paris, also, Kristen! My favorite shot is that of Hôtel de Ville shrouded in mystery.

    I was catching up with your posts and wanted to offer belated condolances on the loss of your father-in-love. What an endearing term. Bless his little heart and yours, a sincere Southern wish from me.


  3. I'll have to take you on a walk with me soon in thanks for this lovely trip. Of course, on mine you'll mostly see the moon and shadows of trees. Lovely in it's own way, though.


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