Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Blood of Lorraine~ Teaser Tuesday

The Blood of Lorraine: A Novel

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Today's selection is from Barbara Corrado Pope's 'The Blood of Lorraine' (p. 58):

"Martin heard another cough, and much shuffling of papers behind him. Charpentier had caught on. Martin was about to grind the witness down by asking in slow, excruciating detail about her past and present life. He would make her spell out every name, every address. every date. And drive her a little mad in the process. 

This should not have been difficult. Martin's refusal to respond to her provocations seemed to have put her in a state of animal-like alertness. Although she maintained her pose, straight as a statue before him, the way she clutched her shawls together with white-knuckled fists gave her away." 

I just finished Barbara Corrado Pope's 'Cezanne's Quarry' and so enjoyed Magistrate Bernard Martin's mysterious case involving painter Paul Cezanne in Aix-en-Provence that I went straight to her next book not even realizing it was part of a series. Now Martin is on a new murder case in a new town in France, 1890's Nancy in Alsace-Lorraine during the time of the Dreyfus Affair, and he must determine who is killing innocent Jews in the anti-Semitic atmosphere between two communities as well as how to face his own personal tragedy at home. 

Having spent some time in the country in Lorraine, I love reading the familiar descriptions of Nancy and learning about the historical significance and the diaspora of this time period which I knew nothing about. 

In looking for the book cover for this post, I just noticed on Amazon that she has another coming out next year set in PARIS!! Can't wait for that. What could be better? Historical mysteries set in French places I love! 

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    Oh even though I am no longer teaching full time, I have NO TIME to read such novels. But poetry is my first priority and I am reading BILLY COLLINS. Oh my goodness, you have to pick up THE PROBLEM WITH POETRY. It is filled with some good ones!

    Thank you so much for coming to visit. YOU KNOW you can create collages for your header for FREE with PICMONKEY. It is super easy and you can change your header or add collages to you blog.

    ENJOY! Anita


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