Monday, November 12, 2012

Flower of Remembrance

Poppy Stained Glass...Poppies symbolize sleep (remember the Wizard Of Oz?), and are often etched on tombstones. They hold a promise of resurrection after death. A common weed, they covered fields in Belgium, as in the poem “In Flanders Fields,” by Canadian surgeon and soldier John McCrae, becoming one of the best known memorial symbols for soldiers who've died in conflict. They’re now distributed on Veterans Day in loving remembrance. Whenever you see veterans selling poppies, be generous!
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The red poppy symbolizes many things: eternal sleep (think Wizard of Oz), peace and death. In Greek and Roman times, they were considered offerings to the dead. Today they are given in remembrance of those who have died in wartime. On this Veterans holiday, a little remembrance flower for those who have fought and died for us.

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