Monday, March 18, 2013

Forever Love... over the Seine

As if Paris isn't romantic enough 
with its cobblestone riverside walkways and ancient glowing stone buildings,
young lovers have found another way to express their undying love for each other 
in the City of Light. 

Along the Pont des Arts 
(the pedestrian bridge which links the Institute of France with the Palais du Louvre),
lovers engrave their first initials on a padlock and attach it to the bridge,
tossing the key into the Seine
 to profess their eternal love for each other. 

The bridge itself has its own romantic uses. 
It serves as an outdoor studio for painters, 
a place for art exhibitions
and a picnic spot during the summer. 

Paris seems to inspire no end of creativity for expressing passionate affection
for our heart's desire. 

What is it about Paris that makes us swoon?

As I approach a new decade, 
I admit that the feeling of being in Paris makes me feel young and alive. 
 Each and every day in Paris fulfills my deep passion for travel
because around every corner, under every bridge, the feeling of history is so strong, 
it fills every pore like a palliative balm, sometimes sweetly scented
(think croissants and freshly baked baguette, even the unique metro aroma)
and sometimes not. 

Every crevice has a story and as a writer,
the stories call and beg, enticing the creative mind to hunt and immerse one's self,
letting it surround you like chunks of bread in a pot of melted cheese.

While Paris is known for its writers and has an undeniable history 
with those who take pen in hand, 
I've found that I cannot write there. 
For me, the urge to be out in it, experiencing it, walking it, 
letting it rain all over me,
far outweighs the urge to write about it. 
And when you're in it,
it is always pulling, like a strong wind, calling, seducing. 
For me, the writing has to come later. 
Difficult to write about seduction while in the midst of being seduced. 

I do believe my padlock would have three initials on it!
What is it about Paris for you?


  1. My dear one, for me, observing Paris and her people gives me the urge to write about her, but long after I too am in her presence. What is is about her? You can share that je ne sais quoi in May when I host my final Paris: Simply Irresistible Link Party. I think it is the IDEA of her that makes it a perfect dream destination. Not very many places in the world still hold the charm and title as Paris. Though she is like any other city with her ghettos, crime and unpleasant realities, the dream of Paris has endured. It is like taking the good and bad of someone you love. Ahhhhh......Anita

  2. Oh, I have heard of this gate. I have dreamed of seeing it in person, of photographing it. I do love the way you make your dreams come true.

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