Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A single flower~Buddhist Thought for the Day

"If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly,
our whole life would change." 

I feel this sometimes like the ripple of a fish that has jumped but you missed it
and all that's left is the tiny portal through which it came and went and,
in a split moment, is gone and you wonder if it actually happened.

The beauty of our every day world gets so lost in the hustle and kerfuffle
of worries about money, jobs, lack of time
(not since I was a teenager has it been about too much time),
those 'time-saving' techno-gadgets and their constant maladies
and the physical energy for handling and maintaining all of the above.

So take a moment,
gaze at a flower.
It's that perfect season, they're everywhere.
See it for what it is...
a miracle.
Then find more of them in your world.
I promise,
you won't have to look far.
Just tap your sparkly red shoes.

(Photo copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. The flowers are completely out of control here, covering trees, filling gardens -- tulips and daffodills and lovely things I don't know. It's tremendously healing.

  2. OH HOW TRUE IS THIS STATEMENT! If we all could stop just one day.....from all the commerce, the running around, the war? And to stop and look at the miracle of nature, I wonder, how would we live today and tomorrow?

    Dear one! So good to see you! I will put your name in the draw for Vicki's book and thank you so much for participating! A LA PROCHAINE! Anita

  3. What a beautiful flower, Kirsten!
    Sorry I've been so MIA lately - been swamped with work, etc. Please come over and enter my give-away. xo

  4. Aaaahhh, purple is my favorite color, and this flower is so pretty. It's nice that you remember to be still and look at all the beauty around us. I wish more people did this.

    Have a sweet day.


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