Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fougeres, France~ Travelin' Tuesday

Just a quick trip today 
to the little Brittany town of Fougeres
where we can take in the castle,
or rather the Chateau de Fougeres,
which was once a medieval stronghold... 

walk the old wall...

...where, true to this old medieval likeness,
the citizens lived outside the wall... 

and snack on beloved crepes. 

Fougeres was the birthplace of the French actress, 
Juliette Drouet
who gave up her career to become the mistress of Victor Hugo,
as well as his secretary and traveling companion,
and to whom she wrote twice a day, 
creating literally thousands of letters. 

Ooh these quick traveling sojourns 
always teach me a little something
and leave me wanting to learn more. 

(Photos copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. I loved knowing this was the birthplace of Juliet Drouet. Her letters to Hugo were as eloquent as his own writing. Lovely photos and fun to see a lovely spot in Brittany!

  2. I love this-wish I could be there in an instant!

  3. ...and the home of Moxie Spunkeroo!

  4. Good gracious....what a delicious post for the eyes and tummy!


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