Monday, November 18, 2013

'Delicacies' of France~ Missing Paris Day

File:Gonadi Paracentrotus lividus riccio di mare

Just saw a list of  "The disgusting French delicacies that Anglos won't eat (but should)"

Having spent enough time in France (well, never enough), I've heard of nearly all of them though not tried every one. 

At the top of the list is one I've tried but don't care for (sort of): 
1.) Langue de Boeuf (or Beef Tongue)~ This is my French nephew's favorite dish and one that his Grandmere makes for him every visit home. While I've tasted it, it's one of those pieces of meat whose texture never lets me forget what it is (and where it came from.) (This must be where he gets his love for lettuce!) However, I'm mad about the Sauce Gribiche that goes on it (an egg yolk and mustard sauce with capers and parsley and more.) I'll keep the Gribiche!

2.) Lapin (Rabbit)~ Another of my nephew's fave's, his father's Lapin a Moutarde (Rabbit in Mustard Sauce). Have to say I've grown to like this one though I remember trying rabbit as a 5 yr old and the taste (and thought) bothered me so much, I couldn't try it again until I started traveling to France and it was served to me at a dinner party. Eat it or... don't eat! 

3.) Tetines (Cow's Udder)~ I'm sorry but I don't even recall seeing this on a French menu. And I don't think you could get me to try it! The Chef says even he might not try this. 

4.) Ris de Veau (Calf's Pancreas)~ Often mislabeled as Sweetbread.  I've often seen this on a menu though did not realize it was the pancreas. Not interested in brain or pancreas unless eating them will increase the vitality of mine. 

5.) Pigeon (You know)~  Pretty sure I've tried it but this one's not so bothersome because we've grown up on poulet

6.) Tripe (Stomach)~ While The Chef loves this, the entrails and walls of the stomach of ox and sheep are not on my list of things to ever try again. 

7.) Rognons (Kidneys)~ We've been advised to have the Grandmere make them for us rather than eat them in a restaurant, just to be safer (which doesn't inspire much confidence for me.) 

8.) Andouilette (Sausage of Pig's intestines)~ While we're used to sausage, I can't get used to the flavor of this one. Sort of that latrine finish going for it. 

9.) Steak Tartare (chopped raw meat)~ I've tried one bite of this and...not ready again. 

10.) Foie Gras (Goose liver)~ My all-time favorite French delicacy! I know people have trouble with the raising (and methods of feeding) geese for this purpose but served with an onion confit and a sweet white wine, it is to die for! (Sorry, no pun intended.) 

11.) Tete de Veau (Head of Veal)~ The Chef's favorite, not mine. 

12.) Oursins (Sea Urchin-- in photo above)~ I don't even recall seeing this on the menu but I can tell you from looking at the photo, I won't be trying it. Escargot (which is my 2nd favorite) is the only slimy I can do, mainly because of the sauce with all that butter and garlic and parsley. 

Now go out and try some Tripe. You know, at that French restaurant downtown. And leave the sea urchins on the beach!


To see photos of each, click on TheLocal list below. 
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(Photo from Marco Busdraghi from Wikipedia)


  1. Love the escargot -- most of the others I haven't tried, and that's kind of OK with me. If they serve it at a buffet, maybe! (Someone who knows how to cook it, not one of those buffets like Golden Corral where everything is cold and badly seasoned!)

  2. You know, I am of Mexican-American heritage and we eat the same stuff! My grandpa used to love "Cabeza" (head of calf!) and we used to eat menudo (tripe soup) every Christmas. Oh the memories....

    DEAREST! THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT.Writer's block? Tell me about it my dear. Tonight we have our poetry group coming to the house and I have a very rough draft of an idea, but wow, did it hurt to get it out. Keep going. You know what's been helping me?Recording my voice/thoughts on my cell phone recorder. If you are a verbose person like me, it may help you get out those ideas.

    MUCH LOVE! Anita

  3. Kirsten, I wish I was a vegetarian. I can guarantee I would not be eating any of the above.

  4. Can't do it. Bummer because I know I am the one missing out. But, some things on this list made me shudder.


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