Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pacific Seafood endangered?

We're not eating much seafood these days 
after recently reading a blog about the frightening and so-far unexplained carnage
of Pacific ocean seafood and wildlife
(possibly due to radiation from Fukushima.) 

I've read several different articles
from Oceana, NOAA and even the FDA's faq's
but so far, not feeling assured
especially after witnessing my own bizarre scene of wildlife carnage
on the beach at Manzanita last month.

I love seafood and am missing it.
So I'm enjoying photos of fresh fish from Greece's Mediterranean. 

What are your thoughts about radiation
from Fukushima
reaching our seafood?

(photo copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Better start eating soylent green, Kirsten. Radiation from Japan is already in Tuna caught off US coast. I guess just don't eat much of it.

  2. Good question, Kirsten. You are on the West coast where those currents might be more likely. Seems like most of ours comes from the east side of the country, but then who knows.... I love seafood, and I probably won't stop. But I may think a little more carefully about it. Good reminder.


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