Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Meilleurs voeux...

A charming French vintage New Year's card. #vintage #New_Years #card

Wishing you and yours a most happy, healthy, prosperous and joyous new year! 
We are home from a fabulously decadent Christmas holiday in Park City
...and now recovering from the flu. 
All our NYE and NYD plans have been cancelled
and it will be a quiet evening. 

I plan to spend it creating my Vision Board for 2014...
a collage of all the things I could possibly wish for the coming year
which will then be posted where I can see it everyday.

My New Years Resolution this year 
is to spend more time researching the things that are important to me. 
How great is that?! 
A resolution I actually WANT to do!

It's bound to be a spectacular year! 
And only hours away.
Bonne Annee a vous! 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Driftmas Tree

Christmas Decor. Driftwood Christmas Tree. Great for a small home or apartment without floor space for a tree

(via Pintarest)

I saw 
one of these 
on the wall outside 
my chiropractor's office recently. 
His wife had made it and I love it. The 
only thing he told me about it was that she 
baked the driftwood to make sure all insects were 
out and then glued them to a material-covered frame. 
I must 
try it. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tiny beautiful things~ Teaser Tuesday

Hosted by MizB at should be reading.

Here's how to play:

*Grab your current read,
*Open to a  page,
*Share a few “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page,
*Please no spoilers!
*Share the title and author.

From Cheryl Strayed's 'Tiny Beautiful Things.'

"Dear Bewildered,
Several months after my mother died I found a glass jar of stones tucked in the far reaches of her bedroom closet. I was moving her things out of the house I'd thought of as home, but that no longer was. It was a devastating process--more brutal in its ruthless clarity than anything I've ever experienced or hope to again--but when I had that jar of rocks in my hands I felt a kind of elation I cannot describe in any other way except to say that in the cold clunk of its weight I felt ever so fleetingly as if I were holding my mother. 

That jar of stones wasn't just any jar of stones. They were rocks my brother and sister and I had given to our mom. Stones we'd found as kids on beaches and trails and the grassy patches on the edges of parking lots and pressed into her hands, our mother's palms the receptacle for every last thing we thought worth saving. 

I sat down on the bedroom floor and dumped them out, running my fingers over them as if they were the most sacred things on the earth. Most were smooth and black and smaller than a potato chip. Worry stones my mother had called them, the sort so pleasing against the palm she claimed they had the power to soothe the mind if you rubbed them right. 

What do you do with the rocks you once gave to your dead mother? Where is their rightful place? To whom do they belong? To what are you obligated? Memory? Practicality? Reason? Faith? Do you put them back in the jar and take them with you across the wild and unkempt sorrow of your twenties or do you simply carry them outside and dump them in the yard? 

I couldn't know. Knowing was so far away. I could only touch the rocks, hoping to find my mother in them." 

"...across the wild and unkempt sorrow of your twenties..." 
I'm trying to think of the last time I heard a description like that. That's exactly what it was but I never knew how to describe it.

Monday, December 9, 2013

The First Parisians~ at the Musee Carnavalet

Please excuse my absence this past week but I've been in travel mode which I'll write more about in an upcoming post. But for now, I'm still missing Paris...and so wish to see this exhibit.

At one of my favorite Paris museums, The Musee Carnavalet, which is free to the public (for permanent exhibits) and filled with stories, objects, paintings and artifacts all on the history of Paris, its oldest human remains are on exhibit in the archaeological section. Remnants of Mesolithic man (8000-6500 BC.) have been found in the 15th arrondissement (my neighborhood!) just 250 meters from the Seine and are now on display for the first time through Dec. 31st, 2014. (Sept. 10, 2013- Dec. 31, 2014).

If you're in Paris any time soon, stop in to see not only this exciting exhibit but the many stories about the history of Paris. The Musee Carnavalet is a treasure trove of what I call 'snapshots' of ancient Paris.


Hotel Carnavalet
23, rue de Sevigne
75003, Paris 

(Photo via http://www.carnavalet.paris.fr/fr/musee-carnavalet)