Monday, January 20, 2014

Janvier in Paris

A girlfriend just came back from Paris
and over a 2+ hour tea date at our favorite tea shop in Portland
told me all the wonderful tales of walking in my Parisian neighborhood. 

And now I'm missing Paris again! 

Being there right after Christmas, 
she said the crowds were still over the top
wayyyy toooo long
so they opted to skip the long lines 
to nearly every museum
and just walk. 

For her birthday,
they window-shopped all the best chocolateries
and had meals in fabulously beautiful places. 

It makes me think of the little 
Christmas Fairs
and the way everything is still dressed up for the holidays.

And how even bare trees in winter
are gorgeous in Paris. 

Even the carousel gets dressed up.

They sat at cafes and sipped warm drinks
and watched the Parisian world go by
and ate almond croissants with coffee
and Galette des Rois on Epiphany
and sipped champagne
and walked along 
the seine. 


(Photos copyright: KIrsten Steen)


  1. Your photos are fabulous and nice reminders for me, too (although I wasn't there in January!). Isn't it fun when a friend returns from Paris? Hearing their stories reminds you of all of yours and those memories flood back!

  2. Such beautiful photos.. I have never been, only in my dreams.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Kirsten, at first I thought, you're in Paris with Javier? I've always wanted to see Paris in holiday dress. Must be a dream.


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