Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Heart in San Francisco

We are just back from a weekend in San Francisco
visiting my sister who is spending the month of July in San Diego.

Fun for the two of us to meet up there
since we lived in the City for 5 years as teens. 

We visited old haunts, took in the sites and views,
 had dinner at Scoma's and drinks at the Buena Vista. 
And my favorite: Sacrepantina cake at Stella's Bakery
and Raspberry Twists from Mara's, both in NorthBeach.
Such fun! 

I promise to return 
with many more pics of San Fran.
Til then, where did you leave your heart?!

(Photo copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Well, I wish it was in San Diego or Carlsbad. Don't know why weather is so important in my life, but it is. I need sunshine and 70 degree days. Never been to San Fran but I hear it's great.

  2. aahh, San Francisco, what an interesting and fun place to go. I'm glad you had a nice time there visiting with your sister.



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