Monday, October 6, 2014

France's Famous Museums Will Open 7 Days A Week

File:Versailles chateau.jpg

Three of France's most well-known and visited museums
are about to stay open seven days a week. 
The Louvre, the Palace of Versaille and the Musee d'Orsay
will no longer be closed one day during the week. 

And according to an article in The Local
not everyone is happy about it.
The French union for The Louvre announced that money over conditions is 
not necessarily a good thing stating that fewer rooms would be able to be open. 
Versaille's union says night cleaning will cost more. 

But the Ministry of Culture has said
they will make sure the incoming revenue will outweigh the costs. 
And France will be going the way of 
some of the world's other top museums as in London and New York. 

It also means one more aspect of France
changes to conform to the rest of the world. 
But I'm for this one!
What do you think? 

(photo via Marc Vassal and Wikipedia)
(Story from The Local)


  1. Yes, yes. I'm sure it's the workers who are objecting.

  2. This is definitely a change for the better! Thanks for posting.


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