Monday, May 4, 2015

Greek wedding in New York

Just a few photos this week of our time on the East Coast recently. 
First time ever at the Boathouse on Central Park Lake.

There isn't much I don't love about Central Park.

Between going to the park and museums,
a Broadway show, Times Square and Greenwich Village,
we were there for a Greek wedding. 

The beautiful ceremony was held in a traditional Greek Orthodox church
in Stamford, CT. 

Inside the church was a painting of one of my favorites
found all over Greece:
St. George and the Dragon. 

I always enjoy seeing how people decorate the end of the church pews
and loved their use of lavender and olive branches. 

 The beautiful white cake was also decorated with
olive branches and blue flowers.

At the top, the same love birds
the parents of the bride
had on their own wedding cake.

And the very same glasses they toasted from
many years ago.

What sweetness!

The reception was held at the lovely
Davenport Club in New Rochelle
with a veranda and stunning water view. 

The food, the people, the view 
were all outstanding
and we were ecstatic to be included
and share in this family's joy.

One last one of Central Park
and there will be more photos to come next time
with shots from the City and some of my favorites from the museums. 

Until then, happy spring to you and yours! 

(All Photos Copyright: Kirsten Steen)