Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Concert at St. Julien le Pauvre

One of the churches I ventured into this visit to Paris
was St. Julien le Pauvre.
I hadn't remembered on my last trip here
that it's a Greek church! 

Some of you know that I collect photos of
the Annunciation.
And I found this little sweet one below
on one of the panels just underneath the large cross in the first photo. 

This church regularly participates in concerts
and we were able to make this piano and accordion concert
on the first day of the new year. 

St. Julien le Pauvre
is one of the oldest churches in Paris,
 built between 1170-1240. 
But before this building,
from about the 6th century on, 
stood a Merovingian hostel for pilgrims.
It is said that it stood on the Roman road to Spain
and thus for medieval pilgrims 
on the road to St. James shrine at Santiago de Compostela
(though it was too small to be listed in the medieval Pilgrim's Guide.)

describes how Bishop Gregory of Tours 
was the first to write about the basilica and hostel
in his History of the Franks.

As he considered St. Julien 
to be one of his patron saints,
he lodged at the Basilica of St. Julien the Martyr
and said a midnight mass there.

Archaeological finds determined that the building originally stood 
in the middle of an ancient cemetery
and unearthed Roman and Merovingian sarcophagi and other artifacts.

One of my favorite things in the church was this angel.

The little church looked even sweeter with this lovely piano in its midst. 

And I positioned myself in the audience
to have a perfect view of the angel. 

When we got home that evening after the concert,
we went online and discovered that the angel is Archangel Gabriel,
the very same angel who appears in the Annunciation
and is often associated with  gifts of knowledge and messages to prophets.

Another of my favorites at St. Julien le Pauvre
 shows Jesus revealing himself to Mary Magdalene. 

Next time I'll share a few photos outside the church. 
It's located across the river from Notre Dame 
and just across from the entrance to the Latin Quarter. 


Have been posting a few of my Paris photos
on Instagram as well.
Follow me there for more travel photos. 

(Photos Copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. So beautiful, Kirsten. I never went into that one.

    1. Donna, It's just a tiny thing within view of Notre Dame. I'm sure it gets missed quite a lot! Thanks for being here and enjoy your week!

  2. Kirsten, these are beautiful. I love the annunciation art. What a wonderful thing to collect. And isn't hearing a concert in one of those churches the best? The acoustics are to die for. Lovely.

    1. Jeanie, I started collecting the Annunciation for a friend and fell in love with them. They became the thing I had to find in every church. A bientot. We're on our way to spring!


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