Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Paris in Snow!

As Paris has been covered in snow again recently, it seems the appropriate day to share some of my photos of the same from last month.

While living there for a year in 2004-'05, I spent many a spring morning during my walks feeding the ducks who call the ponds of the Champ de Mars home.

When my ship comes in one of these days, I may dress up like Francois Simon (aka, Anton Ego) and see what kind of service some sideburns might get me at the uppity Jules Verne Restaurant.

No Boule played here today.

A persimmon tree steadfastly held onto its ripe fruit while a blossoming bush patiently waited.

Summer picnics and embracing lovers were but memories of the past
(as other shutters clicked around me)...

...and summer just a daydream away.

Everywhere shone white on white!

And for awhile I stood in a magical spot just to take it all in.

I played with designs...

Wished I could paint...

...and having filled myself and my camera,
went home.

Photographs copyright: Kirsten Steen


  1. Beautiful, I love France in the snow!

  2. Me too, RPM! Though we decided that one of these years we're going to get back when the sun is warm and one can sit at an outdoor cafe comfortably. Thanks for commenting!


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