Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Holidays in Paris

Back to share a few photos of our recent visit to Paris 
over the holidays. 
Above is the department store BHV 
(pronounced Bay-Osh-Vay).

When we lived in Paris for a year,
we rode the metro down here to the Hotel de Ville stop on the 1 line
every single time we needed something for the apartment. 
They have an entire (basement) floor dedicated to hardware and maintenance. 
Now we have a Castorama right in our hood
so when we need something, we only need to walk a couple of blocks. 
Much less expensive too!

For some reason, 
I never truly feel like I've fully arrived in Paris
until I get myself down to the island, 
the place Paris began, 
the oldest section.

And walk in steps others have tread for centuries. 

Pictures are no longer allowed inside 
Shakespeare and Company
so I can only share outdoor photos now
(though I did sneak a few some years back HERE.) 

Loved this quote from Leonard Cohen outside the store. 

And I usually take this pic because I love this shot of Notre Dame 
behind the bicycles that are ALWAYS parked here. 

And of course
the iconic shot of the Eiffel Tower. 
Will be back next time with a few more of the tower
from our bridge on the river. 

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday
and New Year! 

HAPPY 2019!!

(Photos copyright: Kirsten Steen)

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Bonne Année and Happy Epiphany!

(Gallette Des Rois: my beloved almond paste/frangipani cake from Paris, a tradition for Epiphany.
See past post about this tradition.

January 6th, Epiphany
(the day the three Kings came bearing gifts) 
tends to be my real New Year beginning. 

Usually I'm not quite ready when January 1st hits.
Maybe we're traveling (like this year when we are just back from France 
so... jetlagged),
 or I've come down with an illness, or there's too much on my plate at the moment
or I'm still reeling from the holidays
but by Epiphany (also one of my favorite words)
I'm ready to start making my goals for the year
(my preference to NY's resolutions.) 

And this year,
 (especially because this weekend included a New Moon 
so I would be doing this anyway)
 I'm following in the footsteps of a few others who have created a list 
of the things they would like more of in their life.
So here is mine.
It may include more or less (so probably change) by the next new moon:

more love... around me and in the world. more travel. more forest bathing. more writing.
less hearing other people's gossip. 
more angels. more healing... all around. more energy information. 
more family. more entertaining. more light. 
more divinity in our lives. more epiphanies!
less complaining.
more hikes. more exercise. more reading things i love. 
less pain.
more trust in myself. more retreats... and the financial ease to do them. 
more dreams with messages. more writing. more travel for sacred purposes. 
*** more sacred ***
more massages (for me now). more caring less... and caring more. 
more meditation. more time! more tithing. more kisses. more writing.
more hugs (full-on, tight-squeeze, blast-your-fear-around-it body hugs).
more presence. more awakening. more beauty. more honesty. 
more clarity. more gratitude. more sunsets. more compassion.
more F words: fucking fearless, fabulous, fun, fantastic, friends, 
fauna, fire, favorite films,
furry felines,
(none of those bald scary-looking creatures... tho I'm sure they need love too...
or squashed-faced nasty attitude felines like our neighbor George 
who is as old as time and has no claws but still somehow terrorizes our cats).
 more publishing. more writing. 
Did I mention more writing?

Feel free to mention some of the things on your More List for this year! 
And Bonne Année to you and yours! 

(Pics of Paris coming up in next posts!)

(Photo copyright: Kirsten Steen)

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Florida's Pompano Beach

A few more photos of the recent trip to Florida.
Helps me relive it too. 
I'm just not a winter person! 

The sweet canal along a main strip in Ft. Lauderdale caught my eye. 

And wandering the neighborhood nearby where we parked, 
there were many gigantic, lush trees like this one. 

My father and Fairy Stepmother
rented a sweet little bungalow on Pompano Beach 
where I spent a good deal of time. 

We were literally just steps from the beach. 

They said the brush has grown up a bit since they were last here
but you can still see the water from the patio. 

And every morning
(when it was already 80 degrees)
I took a walk from the bungalow to the park along the beach.

The views were exquisite. 

Though I didn't get to see any nesting sea turtles
I was told it's a big deal here. 

The last morning I got up a little earlier to catch the sunrise
over the ocean. We're so used to seeing the sunSET over the water 
on the West Coast so I had to get a few photos. 

I could definitely use a little more beach time already!

A lovely full moon just before I left. 

With the warmth, humidity and palms everywhere,
every time I stepped outside,
it felt like I was in another country. 

I didn't expect to love Florida but...
dreaming of when I can go back!

(All Photos Copyright: Kirsten Steen
Please do not reproduce)

Friday, November 16, 2018

Florida's The Breakers

I was lucky enough to do a little traveling this past month
thanks to my father and his wife 
whom I call
My Fairy Stepmother. 
Unlike some step-relationships,
this wonderful woman does everything in her power
to bring family together,
including hauling me clear across the US, 
from one coast to the other,
for a visit 
generously using her miles. 

They rented a little place on Pompano Beach 
for the month of October and invited me for a week.
And since we were having hardwood floors put in at my house,
and the place was filled with a thick layer of dust, fumes and noise, 
my sweetie thought it might be perfect timing. 

While they took me many places, 
one of those places I ogled and snapped photos of for an hour
was The Breakers in Palm Beach. 

Since I still have many family members and friends
not on Facebook or Instagram (where I upload most of my photos),
I thought I'd share. 

While I didn't see any of the actual guest rooms,
each room on the main level was an exquisite treat...

with exquisite views. 

This was only part of the wine offerings in one of the restaurants. 
There was another small locked room with most likely more of the higher end choices. 

According to someone who had been there recently,
this flower arrangement was a small one compared to the last. 

While the property was founded by an industry tycoon in the 1890's,
this hallway feels almost like Versaille. 

Each time a fire leveled the hotel in the early 1900's,
it was rebuilt more luxurious than before. 

After the 1925 fire,
it was redesigned by the very same designers of 
New York's Waldorf Astoria... 

And given a more European flavor
using the Villa Medici of Rome as a model. 
Similar to the Medici Gardens,
this courtyard is stunning. 

And this magnificent ballroom 
looks out on the gardens. 

This is the view just outside the famous bar. 

It's proximity being so close to the water,
this luxury hotel was named after the waves just outside its doors. 

Of course, a seat in the bar
calls for a little bubbly. 

While you can't see any of the fish,
you can see here by the coral 
that the counter is an aquarium. 

Hope you've enjoyed this little tour of The Breakers. 
Come back next time for more Florida fun photos! 

For more info and pics of The Breakers,
Click Here.

(All photos copyright: Kirsten Steen)