Friday, December 13, 2019

Brightening it up

Happy December!
It's already dark, drab and dreary here in the Pacific Northwest. 
At least it's not snowing. 
So I'm trying to find ways to brighten things up. 
Thank goodness for Christmas which adds lots of lights and cheer to everything. 
I told The Ed the other day that I can't wait for winter to be over
and he reminded me that it hasn't begun yet. 
 So I told him I'm just pretending that we live in Scotland
and he says we're enjoying a lovely Scottish summer! 
I've gotten out my happy light.

I've started making one of my writing days at this charming place,
the recently revamped Coburg Pizza Company
(which is also Nana's Cafe with a full list of coffee & tea drinks).
It's like a giant upscale barn with a stone fireplace
and old Betty Boop cartoons or Charlie Chaplin movies 
on the big screen above the fireplace. 
I'll try to come back another time with more photos of the interior. 

Just wanted to wish you a happy end of 2019
and a joyous beginning to the new decade. 
This year was by far better than last year
and things are looking up. 

Hope you're finding ways to brighten your Scottish summer!


Coburg Pizza Company
(Nana's Cafe)
90999 S. Willamette St. 
Coburg, OR 97408
Open weekdays 6:30-9
Fri-Sat 6:30-10
Sun 7:30-9


  1. Much happiness to you this season, Kirsten. And that DOES look like a good place to write -- or just relax!

    1. Thanks, Jeanie! And the same back to you. Time to get over to your blog!

  2. Peace and joy to you and Ed this year. I can relate to the Scottish summer. Sunshine and flowers and light will be here soon.
    Hugs, sandi

    1. Hi Sandi, Not soon enough! I saw someone post recently on IG that on the day after Christmas, they had taken down all the Christmas decorations and they were "Ready for Summer"! I keep my decorations up til New Years Day but that's definitely me. A beautiful year to you as well. Time to get together!

  3. I love the idea of Scottish summer. Brilliant. Let's go back for a Monday at Nana's. It's funny--I wrote something similar for the beginning of my new newsletter, but decided it wasn't where I wanted to start as I had a lot of content. So I'm so happy YOU covered it! Love you!

  4. Val, I thought the Scottish summer comment was hilarious! Ed said one of his subcontractors who is from Scotland used to say that. Ready to go back to Nana's on the occasional Monday whenever you are. Love you back! Xoxo


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