Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pt. Reyes' Oysters

One of our stops, while visiting Marin these past ten days, was for some of Pt. Reyes' famous oysters. After our Drake's Estuary hike we stopped in at the Drake's Bay Oyster Company for a looksie.

Besides having a small shop where one can buy fresh, raw oysters and other seafood, the farm also has picnic tables just outside the shop where several families hauled coolers filled with picnic supplies and BBQ equipment for onsite Oysters-on-the-Half-Shell. We stepped around back to watch the possible pearls being brought in.

Go to Drakesbayfamilyfarms.com for more information about their oysters and other farming products.

Our hearts, however, were set on Tony's Seafood which came highly recommended!
(18663 Hwy 1, Marshall, 415.663.1107~about 10 minutes north of Pt. Reyes Station)

Family-owned and operated for 60 years, Tony's is famous along the coast. So after hiking one of the Five Brooks trails one gorgeous afternoon, we drove back up the coast and pulled in for a table looking right out over Tomales Bay.

I can remember sitting outside at a famous place along the water with my mother years ago during a drive up the coast and while I'm not sure if it was Tony's, I am fairly certain that I ordered a hamburger! Teenagers!

At this stage in life however, I've learned to love the little critters, doused that is. While Partner's favorite is the raw oyster (a wee bit slimy and tasteless for me)...

...the barbecued oysters with a little hot sauce and a dab of horseradish are My Thing!

I have to admit, we came to partake more than once during our stay! And while the fish tacos weren't the best I've ever tasted and a little skimpy on the fish...

...the oysters rocked!

If you plan on going, remember that Tony's is only open on weekends (Fri-Sun. Noon-8pm) and only accepts cash. No checks, credit cards or reservations.

This past week was spent doing all the things I love, including reminiscing about weekend car trips with my mother.

I promise, Mom, if we ever get another chance together, I will laugh with you more, try to understand you more, give you less grief, have more patience and be more accepting. Missing you...the Good, the Bad and the Snuggly!
Photographs copyright: Kirsten Steen


  1. I am a great lover of oysters so really enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for visiting me at French Essence and if you would like to find more French films have a look at the bottom of my side bar - I put more on as I watch them. xv

  2. Hi Kirsten, thank you for visiting my blog! I'm glad you did because this way I found yours - it's great. I love travel and food and therefore I like your blog, so I'll be coming back for more. Great photos. Polly x

  3. LOVE your blog! So envious of your adventures. Thanks for the kind words. xo

  4. Vicky,
    Thanks for coming by and I will definitely be looking closer at your blog for more French films to watch! Thanks for the tips!

  5. Thanks to you too Katie, I'm enjoying your blog as well!
    Love the photos of Audrey Hepburn!

  6. I'm speechless, this all looks too decadent! One of my favorite things to eat are oysters, when we move back home I'll have to visit here :)

  7. Thanks for coming by Berlin Deluxxe, those oysters were oh so good!


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