Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Teaser Tuesdays

Ok, I'm playing.
Teaser Tuesdays is hosted by Should be Reading. And I got the idea from: Enchanted by Josephine.

*Grab your current read and play along. Let the book fall open to a random page and *Share with us two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page.
*Please also share the title of the book from which your “teaser” comes from.
*And please avoid spoilers!

My "teasers" are from John Berendt's "City of Falling Angels".

"Venice could be a disorienting place, even for people who lived there and thought they knew it well. The narrow, winding streets, together with the serpentine course of the Grand Canal and the absence of any landmarks visible from a distance, made it difficult to keep one's bearings. Ernest Hemingway described Venice as a 'strange, tricky town'; and walking in it as 'better than working crossword puzzles'. To me it occasionally felt like walking through a funhouse, especially at times when, twenty minutes after having set out on a course that I had thought was a straight line, I discovered I was right back where I started."

So I put in 4 lines. Call me a rule breaker!

Happy Teaser Tuesday!


  1. "Such knowledge is real, It seems esoteric, but that is only because few of us spend our days contemplating literature or art."

  2. ooops! The Forger's Spell is the book!

  3. I love the idea of Teaser Tuesdays!

    My lines are from The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl:

    The truth was Lowell was as unfriendly as the Harvard fellows toward the crowding of Irish papists along the wharf-sides and in outlaying suburbs of boston.

    I hope this tickles someone's interest!

  4. Thanks for playing, g. & Anandi. Love both those quotes!
    Let's play again next week!

  5. Kirsten,
    You have chosen one of my favorite books! Here is my selection:

    "Of course, the sky wasn't filled with planes in those days. I said to Frecky, "Really, what a wonderful sort of hour: to be in the sunshine, to be totally happy, giggling and bubbling and carrying on like babies do, and I'm sitting there with your father's bootlegger, and LINDBERGH flies over!"

    from DV. by Diana Vreeland

    I've been catching up. Love your stories and photos of Paris. And a most interesting interview!

  6. Catherine, Welcome Back! And a great addition. Thanks for sharing! I believe it was you who recommended the Berendt book to me which made me pull it off the shelf and finally get started.
    And thanks for that!

  7. Hey Kirsten! I love anything Venice, as you know;) The book sounds wonderful...and he's sooo right about those confusing streets!
    Thanks for the link!

  8. From The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz

    "So which is it? you ask. An accident, a conspiracy, or a fuku? The only answer I can give you is the least satisfying: you'll have to decide for yourself. What's certain is that nothing's certain. We are trawling in silences here. Trujillo and Company didn't leave a paper trail here - they didn't share their German contemporaries' lust for documentation."

    I know it's more than two sentences but this way it makes more sense!

    And I want to read The City of Falling Angels!

  9. Ms. Lucy,
    Me too. And I highly recommend the book! He has a section where he talks about the diff between the decibel levels of Venice and other cities because of lack of traffic. Now I want to go back just to focus on the quiet of the place. Definitely not during Carnival tho!

  10. Polly,
    Thanks for your addition! And don't miss City of Falling Angels!

  11. Teaser Tuesday is awesome! I've got to remember this. You've made me move up The City of Falling Angels on my to read list. It's been languishing at the back of the line.

  12. Relyn,
    Put it at the front. Worth the wait! Teaser Tuesday coming up again very soon!


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