Friday, July 17, 2009

Barcelona: Party Town!

Ok, I read recently on authorblog that scientists have declared the air in Madrid and Barcelona to be laced with Cocaine and LSD. No wonder a relative exclaimed that Barcelona was the best party town she'd ever been to! And Gaudi's creations look so...happy?

Hmph. Dilemma: Stay far away or book ticket soon?!??!

Anybody else think the people of Spain might be just a little too


Maybe it's the candy!

(Photography copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Or it could be all the tapas and sangria and lounging around in one of the city's many parks on a sunny afternoon. The culture of siesta is not one of going home and lying in bed with the fan running but rather one of meeting up with friends and relaxing in the grass together chatting away.

    I've been to Barcelona and it was a wonderful city to explore though it does make you jealous as everyone seems to be enjoying themselves far too much and the relaxed easy going lifestyle looks very appealing.

  2. Elk~ You may be right! They also tend to go out verrrrry late in the evening so it's no wonder they need those siestas!

  3. Kirsten! HELLO! Or better yet, HOLA! How nice of you to visit me!!!!! Yes, I am trying to crank out the first chapter, but I am having a difficult time with it! Chapter 2 and 3 are done with slight revisions, but I think working backwards has its disadvantages! I LOVE YOUR POST! I have never been to Spain, but my father's folks were from the northern part. My people are a wild lot, that is for sure!!! The one that cracks me up is the running with the bulls thing; WHO THOUGHT OF THAT! And the tomato throwing event every summer and the human tower that they do. My immediate family is no exception. Crazy, wild party animals, indeed! :) I always say its the chili we eat....Have a fun summer, what's left of it! Anita

  4. Anita~ Thanks for coming by! It took me many years to get to 'my people's country' (Norway) but it was well worth it when I did. I hope you make it to Spain one of these days! And good luck with that thesis!

  5. You can never be too happy...right?? BEst get to Barcelona, I am thinking, xv.

  6. There's no such thing as too happy! Barcelona is stunning, although I was more impressed the non-Gaudi bits, like the Gothic district. Definitely go!

  7. Vicki~ Probably true. I would definitely love to go back and have never seen Madrid.

    Polly~ I agree, the Gaudi stuff is a little over the top, but fun.

  8. Well a bit amazing two of my favorite old haunts right next door or posts I should say. Spain is incrediblly warm, friendly and fun! I recall being on a motocycle tourning around Gaudi's art especially the unfinished Sagrada Familia ! Magical city... love the Catalonians! Next will I find a post on Cadaques?!

  9. Carol~ A motorcycle tour of Gaudi's Spain sounds fun! Thanks for coming by and commenting! Since I have no photos of the place you mentioned, sorry no posts so far. But lots more to come!

  10. This is hilarious! Must visit Barcelona. SOON!

  11. Mercato! What a beautiful please..


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