Monday, July 20, 2009

'Missing Paris Day'~ Le Petit Chatelet

(Photograph copyright: Kirsten Steen)

This lovely little place sits sandwiched just between last week's Missing Paris' site~ Shakespeare & Co and one of my favorite cafes to sit and write or people watch, Le Petit Pont. LPP sits right on the corner where one can see the beginnings of the Latin Quarter or stare at the magnificent Notre Dame just across the street. They also kindly serve popcorn with your drink if you're not eating. I frequently bring my writing tools, seat myself where I can see the most, sip on something delightful and bend my head to my writing or stare at the cathedral across the street or the many tourist varietals.

While I've never frequented Le Petit Chatelet, I love the look of it. Because of their location, these places are not cheap so LPP is not usually a daily haunt for writing but I try to make at least one or two trips each visit. And who can resist walking this area, being one of the oldest parts of Paris!

Bon semaine!


  1. What an absolutely charming place...I totally understand why you love spending time there:)

    Bonne semaine to you too!

  2. Kirsten ... so happy to have found your blog and what timing as I so fondly recall sitting and writing or chatting with folks from around the world at Le Petit Pont! Back in 1973... so great to know it is still there!
    It must be the same place from the location description. Carol

  3. Hi!
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  4. Ms. Lucy~ It IS a very charming corner with these 3 places and the cathedral across the way! Thanks for coming by!

    Carol~ It's still there! And they move alot of tourists through. Unfortunately they love to play loud contemporary music so writing can sometimes be a challenge but the people watching is great! I'll see if I can't find a photo of it. Thanks for your comment!

    KINHA~ Thanks for letting me know. I'll take a look!

  5. Some day I will sit here and write a postcard to you. And you will know how much your blog inspires me.

  6. Thank you Relyn~ And I will appreciate that postcard just as much as I appreciate you! Welome Home!


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