Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday is 'Missing Paris Day'~ Tour d'Argent

The Tour d'Argent has been serving Parisians and tourists for over 400 years. Beginning in 1582, it served the likes of Henry IV, the court of Louis XIV, the Duke of Richelieu and Madame de Sevigne. Alexander Dumas used the site in one of his books.

While no longer considered "The Best" Paris dining experience, it is still considered one of the best views with a meal, looking out on the Seine and Notre Dame. And the ducks are still numbered, now having served over one million!

This gastronomic museum, situated on the rez de chausee, is filled with exhibits and memorabilia regarding the history of French food as well as of the many famous patrons of the restaurant and inn. It also serves aperitifs before the meal.

Some friends asked recently what fine dining restaurant they should try for a one-time experience while in Paris later this month. This might be the one.

Anyone have any other suggestions? Le Procope? The Jules Verne? Would love your input.

Tour d'Argent
15 Quai de la Tournelle
75005 Paris
Metro: St. Michel


  1. This place looks so charming, Kirsten! xx

  2. annechovie~ Haven't seen the inside but will have to make a point of it now. Bon semaine to you!

  3. Bonjour Kirsten!!!

    You are so kind to come and visit me! So you know Eze as well!!! How about St. Paul de Vence? Such lovely places in my heart and soul!! Do come again, you are always welcome! Anita

  4. gastronomic museum ~ what a priceless description of this historical spot ...
    for the ones living in canada who have never experienced europe and great britain, they really can't fully grasp and appreciate the feeling one gets when they visit these very same places that world-changing people have visited! i couldn't get over that feeling when i visited england and scotland ... remarkable.
    alas, no visits to france for me just yet ... but will tuck this away for when that day comes ...
    another beautiful image ...

  5. Hi Anita~ yes, I love both Eze and St. Paul de Vence. In fact I bought a poster of a drawing of St. Paul de Vence so I could see the image of it anytime! Such beautiful places. Can't wait to see more of your fantastic tours!

    PrairieGirl~ Thanks for coming and for commenting! And here's to hoping you make it to France one day very soon!
    Bon weekend!

  6. I just need to tell you again, I love, love your blog. And I love all our visits to Paris together.

  7. Relyn~ So glad you could join me in Paris! You are such a love!

  8. There is nothing better than a well traveled friend with great suggestions! Great post

  9. Wish I had gone in...
    wish it had been open...
    I did eat at their down-scale sister resto - Brasserie rotisserie across the way and it was just fine.
    Next time...

  10. Jody~ Thanks and glad you came by!

    ParisBreakfasts~ Maybe I'll try the sister reso next time!


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