Thursday, October 29, 2009

Living Visualization Picture Book~ San Francisco

Something's working! Whether it's the Angels doin' their Fetch-and-Make-People-Happy-Thing or the proper amount of affirming and visualizing, vibrating at previously intended levels or what-not, things are happening.

Yesterday I got word that one of my short stories won an Honorable Mention in the Writer's Weekly 24-Hour Contest. Besides being Honorably Mentioned, it also means door prizes!

And after spending some time this summer trying to create the perfect Writing Retreat but not finding the suitable elements so as to make it affordable, not too distant and without taking too much time off work, a writer friend invited me to join her and another writer at the OWC (Oregon Writer's Colony) Beach House. One week a month is set aside to be used as a Writer's Retreat at a VERY reasonable price and I have booked myself in for at least 2 of those weeks next year, possibly more as we get closer to scheduling dates.

And the biggest news...After putting it out to the Angels a short time ago, 'The Ed' found that our carrier 'suddenly' lowered their mileage amount criteria for European Travel after the new year.
So we are booked for early next year to return to our Home Away from Home (Paris) to check on things, eat some Foie Gras, visit family and shop the open air market. Not thinking this was possible any time soon, we are elated and find the rain slightly less bothersome. Travel has a way of enhancing one's perspective.

Speaking of which, I've decided that as we go along here, this blog will also serve as a sort of Living Visualization Picture Book and since I hope to one day (once again) live in or near San Francisco, I am occasionally including shots to remind me of my inspiring City.

The above photo was taken at the little Hyde Street Park at the top of the hill (up which the Hyde Street cable car travels) and directly across from Lombard Street. You know! The Crookedest Street in the World?! If you go past the tennis courts and follow one of the little paths to the right all the way back to the furthest corner facing the Bay, you are greeted by a most famous and enchanting bridge.

When we lived in the City when I was a teenager, our house was three blocks from this little park and we walked our two dogs here (Peppie and Camille~a black, male poodle and a blonde, female afghan). While the neighborhood has become even more gentrified than it was when we lived here and most businesses have changed venue or at least owners, Swenson's Ice Cream still serves some of the same flavors it did in the early 70's.

What is your favorite City and/or memory about a snapshot where you grew up?

(Photography copyright: Kirsten Steen)


  1. San Francisco is a remarkable city, and is the most beautiful US city. Well, it is certainly the most European.

    The music on your blog is outstanding. I recognize some of the tracks from the "The Mission" which is one of my favorite films.

  2. Good for you! I am so happy to hear all of your wonderful news, and very envious about Paris! I also spent many years in SF as a child, on Union St., and then in Marin. What an incredible city, no...
    Keep up what you are doing!

  3. Kirsten dearest! Oh félicitations on your Honorable Mention!!! HOW EXCITING! Oh, dear, my husband and I want to be writers and we need to take the next step from blogging...what are we to do? He is asking me at this minute what type of writing you do and how do you get involved in a circle of writers? We love blogging and this is a great place to launch off confidence, gain an audience and get in the habit of thinking and writing....Do tell! Thank you for your visit; it is always a pleasure to see you. And your blog pictures are always so inspiring!! Bisous, Anita

  4. Des~ I wholeheartedly agree. San Francisco is remarkable. And I'll have to rewatch "The Mission", it's been so long. Thanks for coming by!

    Nathalie~ I am envious that you lived in Marin. That's where I'd like to end up, going between Marin and Paris.

    Anita~ Thank you for your felicitations! Oh yes, let's talk writing. Besides actually writing, anything you can do to get yourself involved with, surrounded by, near writers will help. Join (or start) a Critique Group, go to writer's lectures, talks, booksignings, etc. Read their blogs about how they do what they do! Click on some of the blogs "For the Writers" on my blog. Talk to writers. And beyond that, write. Everyday. Or as often as you can.
    And thank you always for your kind words. And Bisous to you!

  5. Oh congratulations!!!!!!!!!! How very exciting! I am so pleased for you. For all your good news. But especially that very affirming contest win.

    As to your question. My dad was in the Army so I grew up everywhere. My favorite place was the Azores. It was a magical place for a child. I'll have to write a post about it sometimes.

  6. Oh Relyn!~ I would so love to read a description of your childhood in the Azores! What a magnificent melange of sights, sounds and smells that must have been! I am looking forward to that one!! Happy weekend to you!


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