Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Starry Starry Love...

I have a new love. A long, lost love.

The Night Sky!

A friend has shared with me a new passion for learning the constellations
and other such things whose terminology
I am just in the beginning stages of learning.
But even though a new love, it feels like an old love.

I'm like a teenager again, in the throes,
but with an entity that gives me,
rather than angst,
immense feelings of beauty and joy.

Several times a day I look at the sky and smile,
impatiently awaiting our next Night Sky rendezvous together.
But like a secret love, I never know when that will be.

Clear evening skies in the Pacific Northwest's
winter (and spring and fall) months
-with which to study, gaze, learn and commune-
are a rare treat.

The day teases me with patches or clearings of blue sky,
what I excitedly hope are foreshadowings of a later tryst
when the cloak spills over everything.
And each night, I step outside my door with great hope.

Sometimes my evening dance card is filled
though I always check before bed to see if a short,
bundled up, moonless kiss might be possible.

And sometimes my Night Sky's dance card has been filled
with high clouds and fog who refuse to share.
Granted, recent low temperatures tend to add to
my already full-on Aries low-patience level.

And lately it's been cold enough that my thrice-nightly sojourns
out onto the deck to glean possible sightings
is fraught with scarves, gloves and ice under my feet.

So I don't wait long, just long enough to wink back at a few stars peeking out
or simply sigh at the blank screen
of weather pattern technical difficulties
(for Night Sky viewing trysts).

My very first recollection of the sensation of Awe
was the summer night sky of the Sierra Nevada mountains when I was 13.
I'd seen the night sky before but NEVER in it's full,
magnificent, clear mountain air glory
(which doesn't even begin to describe it)!

And here I am again, feeling 13, impatient and waiting for Christmas
only to find nightly that fog
has stolen the presents again.

(Photo courtesy of PDPhoto.org)


  1. Happy New Year! I too have a big love for the stars...the sky is so clear here, I love sitting out and gazing upon them. Kind of neat to start out the year with a Blue Moon!
    I wish you a wonderful year ahead...you have Paris to look forward to, no? Lucky you!

  2. Hi Nathalie~ Thanks for coming by and wishing you a very happy New Year! Yes, Paris is on the way! A great way to start the new year. Loved that Blue Moon!

  3. The sky is always fascinating to me, too. Wishing you all the best in 2010!!

  4. I also love the night sky!
    Happy new year,Kirsten.

  5. Anne & photokerstin~ Thank you and the same to you both! So much I want to learn about the night sky and we have nothing but cloudy skies every single night for far too long! Worth waiting for, I guess! Happy New Year!!

  6. I, too, love your new boyfriend. Thank goodness he's big enough to share.

  7. Hi Relyn~
    So true! Maybe we should challenge/inspire/help each other to learn new things about the Night Sky!


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