Monday, February 15, 2010

Le Montparnasse 1900~ Missing Paris Day

On our last night in Paris we decided to try
a restaurant in the Montparnasse section
that I'd seen walking by the night before.

The rich Art Nouveau and Brasserie style
of the early 1900's called to me.

Every space filled with beauty...

Like stepping back in time,
the interior made one feel like
a long dress should be the formal dress code.
Or 1920's flapper style!

As if the iron lamps and carved wood weren't enough,
this illuminated stained glass ceiling
takes one's breath away.

The building has been registered as
a Historical Monument since 1984.

I was prepared
for the best part of the experience to be the decor,
as is sometimes
the case.

But the traditional French brasserie cuisine
was delightful.
We chose the price fixed menu
which for me meant finally
getting my Steak Frites
(ongelet de beouf and fries).

And my Creme Caramel was

On your next visit to Paris
plan a meal at Le Montparnasse 1900,
59 Boulevard de Montparnasse in the 6th.

Most French restaurants are already a treat
but this was a treat for all the senses.
It was the perfect ending
to our French fun!

(All photographs copyright and property of Kirsten Steen)


  1. I love Montparnasse! I stayed there on one of my visits and really enjoyed the area. Lots of cozy spots to eat. xx

  2. Kirsten! Dearest, I missed this post yesterday! I was home all day for Presidents' Day and just missed you, but WOW! What a wonderful tour in your town! How marvelous that you are in Paris. And to think that you came all the way over to Minneapolis to join me in a Cinderella dress-up ball!!! Thank you for coming; your presence is always a treat. Bisous, and ENJOY PARIS!


  3. I don't blame you for missing Paris already! That Creme Caramel looks ravishing. I can't wait to go back.

    Thanks for your kind, kind words which always lift me up, Kirsten. You are a dear friend.


  4. Beautiful images Kirsten... I have to tell you that its torture to look at that magnificent food right now... making me very hungry. Be wonderful to just walk down to this place for a quiet dinner...a historical monument indeed ;-)

  5. Anne~ Thanks for coming by. We were introduced to another great restaurant in the area as well.

    Anita~ We definitely enjoyed ourselves. Thanks for your good wishes and bisous!

    Catherine~ Thanks to you for your friendship! I am honored to have such amazing women visiting me here.

    Michael~ So nice to see you. Thanks for your visit! Will be by to see you soon.

  6. This meal looks FABULOUS!!!
    Loving your Greek music!!!


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