Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saying Goodbye~Axi

Our beloved house guest, Axi (short for Axel), who came to stay with us
regularly 2-3 times a year when his parents were away,
had to be put down this past week.
A 20-year old family member,
his parents are in deep grief.

While I hadn't intended to,
I ended up being in the room with him
after the needle went in.

I had done it once before with my one-and-only 20-year old BooBoo Girl.
I held her in my arms and watched her go as her light faded,
thinking I could never do it again.

Thursday, I loved on this poor old man's ailing body
while he went to sleep for the last time.

I told him how good he was; how much we loved him
and how very much we would miss him.

And we do~
and await our next path's crossing.

(For those who have lost a pet,
there is a website and poem for those of us
grieving and left behind.


  1. Kirsten dearest,

    I am so sorry...I can't handle seeing a pet die. You are brave to have been there for him...oh dearest, I am deeply sorry.


  2. I am so sad for you. I can barely read this, I miss my little guy so, so much and talk about him every day. Time hasn't healed. My heart goes out to you, Kirsten.


  3. What a brave heart you have....I'm terrified to read it all out.

    We were so close to this, just a short while ago.
    All went well and we are ever so grateful for having our beloved cat with us fore a while longer, hopefully for a couple of years. He's a darling heart and our best friend, wise a a wizard!

    You have my deepest respect,

    P.s. I found you via Ingrid in Umbria.

  4. Anita~ Thank you so much. I am glad I hadn't 'planned' on being there and was just there when he needed me. I was much more brave not knowing I would be there.

    Catherine~ Thanks to you too! He was a lovely soul and will be so missed.

    Ingela~ Enjoy your dear heart while you have him! They are so precious!

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