Thursday, March 11, 2010

Colonyhouse~A Writer's Retreat

Welcome to Colonyhouse!

A log cabin (interior) writer's retreat on the Oregon Coast

just north of Rockaway Beach.

Just after returning from Paris,

I drove straight to the coast

for a work week of steady writing.

My first "REAL" writing retreat,

it was absolutely heavenly to live completely on one's own rhythm:

Get up when you want,

Work when you want,

Eat when hungry

and take breaks strolling on the beach!

No schedules, no cooking (for anyone but moi),

no cleaning (until the day of departure),

no worrying about anyone else's needs,

it was exactly what I've been telling the universe

I needed!

And here it was, dropped right in my lap,

offered as an invitation by my weekly writing partner who attends regularly,

and at a VERY reasonable steal...


A skip down the garden path

and a short jump across the street...

leads straight to the ocean.

My own private room, serving as both bedroom and writing space,

was equipped with 3 beds, 3 desks and a view

looking toward both the ocean to the right

and Lake Lytle to the left.


After spending the days writing,

evenings were enjoyed laughing and sharing

with my 2 housemates,

an old and a new writing friend,

as well as a few episodes of "Mad Men"

or my nightly candy ("Gilmore Girls")

watched curled up under the covers

with my partner for the week:

my computer.

I've booked myself another week in a few months

and look forward to many more.

Colonyhouse is a retreat for members of

the Oregon Writers Colony (OWC)

and is working toward remodeling

to include handicapped access.

For more information about Colonyhouse

or to see more photos of the cabin, click here.

To join the Oregon Writers Colony

or get more information about OWC,

or to purchase the Oregon Writers Colony 2010 calendar

( 'gasp'~naked writers), click here.

(All photos copyright and property of: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Oh Kirsten,
    This is a dream come true for any writer!!! What a beautiful place to sit still, think, write and just be alone with your thoughts! My husband and I both enjoy writing and have not entered into the phase in our lives where we want to dedicate our spare time to writing seriously; a retreat like this for us would be not only a vacation, but would serve a great purpose to help us focus...bravo, Kirsten! Many more and happy moments to you and your writing partners!!!

    Thanks for coming by, Anita

  2. Anita~ It truly was a 'dream come true'! And couldn't have been better. Can't wait for the next one!

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  4. Kirsten,
    Your post on Colonyhouse and the pictures you included are...exquis!
    Lois Jean

  5. I'm visiting in Oregon this week, and when my father-in-law passed me the paper to direct my attention to another article, I spied one on Colonyhouse and was so intrigued by it instead! I went to the website and was so thrilled to find the link to your blog and fantastic post with all these fabulous pictures!!! It was just what I was looking for to get a feel of the place! Thank you!!! What a fabulous place to write!!!


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