Monday, March 8, 2010

Impasse des Carrieres~ Missing Paris Day

On a walk a few weeks ago in our neighborhood in Paris,
we came upon a small street we'd never seen before:
Impasse des Carrieres.

A small, cobblestone alleyway off Passy
with this little indoor/outdoor Brocante shop
and restaurant next door.
The restaurant was under construction
so I thought it better to get a picture of the sign
as this endearing spot must look in the summer.

I'm looking forward to coming back next time
to see how it turns out.
A walk back across our Grenelle bridge
offers views of the above-ground metro...

...and the tower from across the Seine.
In all our years, we have yet to
make it to the Musee du Vin
so close by.

But that's one thing
about Paris...
there is
to come back for!

(All photographs copyright and property of: Kirsten Steen)


  1. Kirsten!!!
    What a marvelous walk you have taken me on! Paris is never-ending, isn't it? Tell me, how long have you been relishing in the pleasures of Paris? What do you do there? I know you are a writer, but are you currently writing there?

    I missed you for such a while; glad to see you back!


  2. Thanks Anita~ It is never-ending. One of the things I love about it. I will hop on over to your site to answer some of your other questions. Thank you so much for coming by!

  3. Kirsten~
    Your posts never fail to make me pine for Paris. Sigh. xx

  4. Oh Kristen! WHat a gorgeous post. So true, that is the amazing thing about Paris, there is always something new and beautiful to see no matter how many days, months, or years you spend there. You made my heart ache for the old days in Paris just now! Thanks for the gorgeous memories!!!

  5. GREAT photos!!! Ooooh Paris how I miss you too!


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